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Put kaya you von on that list now. In terms of the other upsets we saw on the day you know three-set loss for samsonov a for regular against sampson over that match just featured fantastic tennis found druce uva three sets over kante argue three sets over martijn than maria kamilo story of serrano five and two over. Alexandrova your thoughts on those other upsets. I know they were only twenty seeds. But you know again the von druce uva the big you especially vendors such santer story of serrana wins those do feel like upsets. Yeah for sure. I mean vaunt vanja what what i would consider a clay quarter versus controversy. Who when i think of when i think of an controversy i think grass just the way she plays flat ground. Dis takes it early aggressive changes direction. A lot and She she had the big run in the week. Lead up to In the week leading up to this event. So i. I don't know it's almost to like another case in vendors of played well. She was serving big at thought. It was having trouble with ventures of his serve but it's almost another shack in my In my database of playing the week before a major can come back and be a bad thing if you go deep so i don't know that's just i keep seeing this and i you know we'll see how medvedev dawes who played my orca and obviously novak was fine at the french after playing a belgrade too but these are the top guns. I just feel like you have a lot of a lot of scenarios in the upper midfield where they're they're winning the week before going out prematurely in the major box box fox of her midfield. I heard it there. You knew where whereas through savan the grid for you. I suppose it depends on the major right like french. Open cheese perhaps top six qualifying. She has her best form. And if the car's functioning correctly the dropshots working as it should No yeah i agree with everything you said. Sampson is good. And i mean it's crazy 'cause like you again. How do you think would millicent. Samsonov is i hope. You haven't looked this up top of your head. how does ludmila samsa nova. I know she's mad. Young is she. She twenty mad yelling. You're mad young. If you're saying things like that. I got to remind myself. Every twenty two years old is the russian reaches a new career high of number fifty nine with this victory. Twenty two gill. And it's like she's awesome. I get the power the length you know. I have a type and the display. She had pecul- on her back foot and credit to just peculiar who played some great defensive tennis today particularly on the surface but when win samsonov. Is ball's landing. It's just really tough to beat her. Yeah and gula always makes you work. If you beat jessica gould. You earned it. Because she's not going to beat herself and she's going to cover the court well and she. I really like her backhand on grass as well. So that's a that's a great win for samson. Ova no doubt about that now. Those were your women's upset on the men's side query over pcb thompson. Over route and five ciardi over card seven straits neak nishioka over is ner and five..

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