President Trump, Bush, Michael Gerson discussed on Rush Limbaugh


You you phone system is such that when i'm speaking you can't hear me so uh as why i have to keep talking at a rupture in catch you when you take a breath i'm sorry for that but don't worry noory the the might my question which came first it borsch embrace the establishment by making this speech or is he now being embraced by the establishment be kwasi made the speech which happened the latter i believe the latter but it's a it's a court yet the dan and over that over the last few years you see less and less antibush rhetoric and therefore perhaps a door open for him to now come in with that maybe crack in the door or even fully open and go and do would be like we thought today i'm confused i don't know i just it caught me off guard but it was the bend up up this beach in the media that really caught my attention oh he's gonna talk about this that he's gonna talk about that and then when he comes out and talk and it's basically anti trump i felt looker but it now matches the pattern of how the media does that i think it's been a courtship i think the establishment flag that encompasses both camps of republican and democrat or a break in any anyone they can't who include the former president who go after bush and destroying him because while i still i stand up now wait i i i still go back to my question is i'm not sure you're right i'm not sure of the first thing that happened here was the media embracing bush thanked the first thing inhabit as bush makes a speech and you ask who wrote that speech or one of his big speechwriters one of his most acclaim speechwriters in particular is first term as michael gerson who is one of the defacto leaders of the never trump movement of the socalled washington conservatives and he now writes columns for the washington post in which he routinely savages trump pen proud trumpers and so forth uh did gerson right this speech or did so mother never trumper right the speech but the.

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