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Nashville Hollywood Morgan number two thirty seconds Giddy Kenny Chesney announced his vacation twenty twenty tour help reform in twenty stadiums across the country will be bringing Florida Georgia Line Old Dominion and Michael Franci spearhead with him. Tim McGraw says that his latest latest cover of the cars drive was a song. He played his college. Frat house was the soundtrack to his life. Auto Wynonna cut it turned out great. You loved it and we just put it out two weeks and then Rick o'casey passed away to a point for us for sure for for everybody that it was so. ADM said that they will release their next studio. Album called Ocean on November fifteenth. We'll have their latest songs. What if I never get over you pictures and of course ocean on less a collaboration with little big town a Morgan number two. That's your skin. It's time for the good news back. A plumber who fixes things for free for elderly and disabled patients raised one hundred thousand dollars in donations after he charged a ninety one year old woman zero dollars and zero sense for repairs and then the bill went viral the the kind hearted plumber who fixes boilers free of charge for anyone. That's older disabled is now hoping to extend services across the country after receiving all those donations James James Anderson Fifty two risk on bankrupt by closing his private business and relaunching his not for profit company. We could help people he raises money using crowd funding and then he goes around the desk for free. He says he's been blown away but all the support since he received all the money from doing and he didn't plan for this to go viral. It's one of those things you really can't make something go. Viral appeal tried it. The only thing I've seen work is when they did the Justin Bieber's the sandwich and they document that whole thing that one where they had the kid dress up like look just like Justin Bieber and he was eating and it wasn't even sandwich. It was a Burrito but he's eating like a sandwich. It's just a Burrito like this and they did a whole battery. Does your you have all right. This is the kid we're faking it with. This is the photo shoot and then once it went viral. They showed that but it's impossible to Mexico via also this guy didn't really planned to do this on a big level but now the people are donating. I'M GONNA keep doing it like I'm going to keep helping out people that need the help so I think that's awesome and the guys like appreciate it so much and I'm GonNa keep working for people's as long as people keep donating because he's got to get places to eat food so I thought that was cool wanted to share that story. That's what it's all about that was telling me something good in Amman threatens to school their son if he didn't stop getting in trouble and he didn't stop getting in trouble so she went to school with him. She showed up when he was a math class and sat with them for the whole class well. That's embarrassing than your mom do that to you. Yes they will. She didn't sit with metering pasta. I it wasn't mine was math to I had trouble getting there on time because my period period before was first floor and math was third floor but I would stop on the second floor and talk so one day on sitting on the second floor talking in between classes and my mom looks at behind me and doc thought something was wrong I thought what are you doing here and she said well. I came to walk you to class because you can't make it on time so she walked class and I was never relate again. There's a woman named Becky and an eighth grade. which probably the worst have your mom said to you? I was in junior in high school. It's pretty bad you have a junior. You're starting to be Kinda. Be Cooler. Just a little bit again is not that called after your mom splash when you're a junior enough why saw this and he kept getting in trouble so that was his as punishment for drive myself to school on my mom was having to come on your class. Show in this story comes with from Pennsylvania Eight. Thirty year. Old Woman was at the bar with friends. She gets a call her boyfriend's been arrested for Dui. She's like aw all come pick them up drives to the police station shows up guess what she's intoxicated gets a DUI or sell. That's snuff honey. I don't know why I'm laughing because somebody could hurt yeah not bad but yeah. She walked in smelling alcohol. They gave her a Breathalyzer Boo Boo Goldberg to drunk right after her. I'm lunchbox boneheads story of the day. Take your buddy. Mr Bob.

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