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Players i've got no wish you would try to protect the players who wish he would i have no shirt that even yeah i've got no washout hot i don't i to me it's look my me myself i've had several concussions okay no one play football and the other six if six in one of to activity precaution no i think can cost as so i could speak on this and and yeah you know it's it's not a fun thing and no wants to see this of course you want the player safety the nfl wants to play safe but i also it's a multi says zillion dollar industry hints y you know the guy who runs a league is making your fort will the forty million dollars a year it breaks down later on i know but i'm just saying like it's a business right so yeah i'm over here talking about well something that some most people on saying is active technology of the equipment away stuff has made you know they don't want the game to slow down no see they walked guy safe but for business for tv ratings for money you want that car crash and the speed is today well yeah i mean look at the reaction that you had on twitter on social media to this schuster hit and people were going crazy because of course first and foremost the vitriol between the two organisations the bankers and the steelers campus stay of one another what vodka is perfect data yearago it told i mean sold there have been bad perfect hates over the course of the years of spell he's he's hey he's he's made it especially havens merck steeler so there were still defends that were celebrate have not basic myself on the deal which is which is silly and i agree with george john gruden said i during the course that game last monday night where he said there's no need for that in the.

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