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Yeah it probably was recommended to her and she when my parents were in town mentioned it and at first i was like this seems really slow because it really is it's just a famous couple yori who used to be a k pop star who was huge huge still practices i believe a little bit but in two thousand six she was the highest paid female singer in south korea yes very big like britney spears ears heyday level like level of celebrity she was a model for calvin klein jeans she was in a commercial with jessica alba that's how you know you fuck all featured in twenty ten dita's commercial ci married sangsoon who is a detoro in the rock band roller coaster and they moved into their vacation home on jayjay island which is actually it just seven hundred and fourteen square miles at its volcanic island seven hundred and fourteen square miles that's fucking huge seem to me seven hundred and fourteen square miles don't maybe i don't have a concept of size that's very big okay that's hughes your slav me no there's a quite a bit island seems like we should mention we don't know we did not know who these people were before we started watching the show which is probably evident in here you talk about it so they turn their house into a bed and breakfast and the first episode is really just them getting ready to host their first.

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