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Very careful to kind of manipulate everybody to kind of work in this film without them all being on exactly on the same manipulates a really interesting word. I think it works like he kind of built. Everybody uses the cage word is like he built the perfect cage for each of his animals and they're all different shapes and I. I think you need to do that. Because this film feels that the stage play like if you had three sets you could do this film for the most part you know you have you know rippers office. You have the fifty did you bomber and you have the war room and that's where we're going. That's the only three spots. Roughly I mean you know that were in between and you need to. I think create different dynamics so it doesn't feel like a drama. I think that's how you keep the comedy alive. It's almost like your game. Is this like your little quirk is this. I and I think it makes for such an interesting film. I also say that what I think he does really well is in a movie about mass destruction. Where your eyes glaze over? At the fact of ten to twenty million people being exterminated he brings home the devastation violence in a really real way on micro level by showing the shootout between the soldiers of the base and the incoming American soldiers. They are having a gunfight. That's when the you know. The camera becomes hand. Dan held it. Feels more like something you would see in full metal jacket or paths of glory. Like it's it's the cameras down. You know behind the gunners it's it's not shot in its sloppier feels like actually the war footage and I think that that's a really effective way that he even changed the tone of the film because that to me is the hardest part of the film to watch. It really is. It's not the you know rippers funny in that you know the British are coming saying that to a British man and you know employing this gun out of his golf bag because it's like hobbies leisure hobby is I think violence to certain extent if you wanted to read the metaphor into that. Yeah he does so much in those wars inside the base with kind of simple effects there smoke and there's flying bullet casings and there's flying papers everywhere but you really get the sense of the devastation and and there's moments in this film that I love because you can switch back and forth between two pictures right Like you're in the bomber with all of the men with Olympic as James Earl Jones. And they're being fired. I heard on and at one point year like you can switch back and forth between like these would be our heroes in any other movie like these brave American soldiers doing the mission that they've been told to do you and you're both rooting for them to live. And you're also aware that if they survive the dire planets gonNA doing doing the most heroic things are doing wrong this the people on the ship are living straightforward mission. Nothing that funny happens on the ship except for Slim pickens jumping out of the play. They're like we gotta do this. The fate of the world depends on. They're brainstorming their being ingenious okay. We can't hit that target. Let's go here. We have radio system will go low. Well that's what they're doing everything right and they're doing it all exactly wrong. I love switching back and forth between US perspective. I think there's a few interesting things it's attacking the military right. The generals in the military for being warring especially American Erkin generals. But it's also applauding the servicemen right. Because it's sort of like the servicemen. Are doing their jobs and they're fighting the hardest you know they are. Are you know when they attacked that military base they are both sides you know. They're they're doing what they're supposed to be doing now. They're not being guided by the right voice and I think that that's an interesting wresting distinction to make it sound like the military's dumb or soldiers are stupid. It's not about that. They're they're doing what they what they're supposed to be doing. And I read the down to like these are our heroes in multiple ways you know in there are heroes on the base are also heroes. Even they're firing at American soldiers there doing what they were ordered to do. And you know and I don't think this movie is like you should question all your orders. I don't think that's I don't think that's a statement of trying to make. I think they're just trying to make the statement that you you have to be careful about. Who is giving these orders? I think that's such a great distinction. Bring up because we're going to see happen again whenever you disagree with what the generals are doing. The general's always tell you that you're not supporting the troops. The military tells you that you're not supporting the troops and this movie makes that distinction between supporting troops and valuing their work and thinking all their generals need to be taken out to a field given giant pudding fight and then like quarantined forever. Right well I mean but you know it's interesting to to see how. How when you have this room this war room which they're sitting around the table which has greenfeld on it? You can't see it because of black and white film Kubrick wanted to have this idea of like doc. It's a poker table. They're playing poker right. They're bluffing and the idea that like you know they're not bluffing. But they're just they're playing their hands like it's amazing in how the energy in that room can kind of build and build and build to the point. Where at the end the film? They're seriously considering what strangelove is telling them. They're they're like yes. This sounds like a plan. We could do this. They're like it's amazing. How quickly a bad idea can become the best idea in the room because of the previous ten minutes before it you know or an hour before you know it's sort of like you are spiraling to find something and that's sort of how I think you get these moments moments in our society where something kind of drastic or or major happens because it just it subscribe because you haven't you haven't seen you've been redwood happened before it you just kind of built to that internally when no one was there to be the level headed person like I think our president is being for the most part until the very end when it's sure devastation? Exactly exactly I mean. There was an article that came in the New York Times this weekend. That said that the decision the books of the money came because the military the officers the chiefs of Staff gave trump whole list of options menu. They put that one at the top because it was the most extreme. I'm and they're thinking like if we show you the range from like biggest thing you can do. Most extreme till less. He'll pick something in the middle which he did. He picked the thing on the top. Nobody in the room talked him out of Eh options that you don't want him to because it's yeah you are expecting maybe a rational mind to prevail. In that moment I wanted to go back to you. The soldiers just for a second because James Jones is his first film and this is him on the Dick Caveat show talking about how he was kind of asked is to play this part and what Kubrick wanted from the B fifty two crew just on passive. Gloria think a one in one of those one of his proud of the great great work and so so he's in New York looking at actors for the play general so he wants George C.. Scott although he knew he wanted you to see him work out in In Shakespeare it's been the part of the Venice Kennedy. It also is you know I was playing Prince of Morocco so these are not this is not verbatim but he said I'll take the black one too. I will not cubicles saying that. But that's essentially what what the other EH. One white one black to go. No you want to join us this in a beef Beef fifty two of every ethic. You know the the ethnic crew You Ju- an Irishman a Canadian. Even a black guy ragging Indian you know it was interesting that he really wanted to make that crew very representative of every type of soldier not one dist definitive it. It represents America and then whenever the worm it's just a bunch of old white guys you look identical and let me just God. Eighty uses them. Era like silent props I mean most of the men in the room never do any talking but when you see the balance of the room shift to start standing behind strangelove you know that everything is lost all these people are standing behind behind him and backing him and the president starts to look more and more alone slim. Pickens gives a really beautiful speech when they started on the mission at looks much of handed making speeches. I got a pretty fair idea that doggone going important going on I got a fair idea. The kind of personal emotions. Some you may be thinking uh-huh Heck I reckon you wouldn't even be human beings if you didn't have some pretty strong personal feelings about nuclear comment remember one thank. Thank the folks back home is count on you and by. Golly we ate about eleven found something else. This thing turns out to be half as important as I figure it just might be. I'd say the cure all in line for some important promotions and personal personal side patients. When this things over win ever last one up here regardless of your race color your creed because there will be no promotion? So it'll be world there will be no. The idea of doing this for promotions is ridiculous but I love I love commitment in that scene and he means it if I do have a tiny playing playing it straight. He's playing it straight. If I ever could with the film I do hate how much we always hear. Johnny come marching home. Every time we cut to the plane it starts to drive me a little bit crazy. I kind have liked it for the same reason that repetitiveness it just felt like we're back. We're back here. These are these soldiers are marching down the field. It's like there's no they're they're not changing the beat. They're just going to talk about. But I I hear you saying I did feel a use of the song from a movie that gotten a love the other day at the Golden Globes. We're going to give it some love on this show in that. Is Joe versus the volcano. Aw You joe thanks.

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