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Think probably part of their spirit but also Their intelligence and it just kind of moves out of their body in this magical way like it's forever crazy making for me. When i when i watched watched them saying i you know. Maybe i'm just such a nubia. But i i just love it i i find it just such race. You know like. It's just witnessing grace. And so i think that's part of it. Is that you that you can see. The art live in the body then in kind of lifted up and it reaches an audience. I don't know it's too crazy for my love it so much it's slough. I've never heard of describe that where i think i'm a little bit too close sometimes but were you at all surprised by the operatic process. The rehearsal process. Yeah i mean. I've worked in theatre you know For a long time so you know there's some you know major similarities to it but also they're such a distinct different senate and i think that's that was really interesting to be a part of In to really understand what those differences might be and how opera singer is what their processes and how they are inhabited character how they inhabit the technical demands of the the music and the job. So i think there was all things that you know are are really fascinating as far as process and what is similar in what is extremely different than theater Well we had a really good group too because a lot of people simply focus on sound. But i mean these guys were really really invested in in the whole piece. So as missing goes forward and this is always. I don't know there's there's a true answer to all of this because we're having to deal with this inoperable a lot about racial casting. And how do we. How do we like how cast madam butterfly porgy and bess has its score is supposed to only black people missing a half indigenous cast and it's so strange and i just admit this flat out. This is unfair. When it's when it's other ethnicities on other groups. I'm a little more open on mike. Maybe we could you. I know i to a lot of people on they. Maybe we could go one way or another when it comes to my own group song very very protective and therefore i have to sort of honor other groups by thinking they must feel similarly so i guess the question is does it always have to be indigenous singers because there are so few of them. Yeah absolutely and i. I think it's a lie that there are so few I i think it's not a lie. But i think it's more challenging absolutely but i think what happens when you actually get to different You actually have the people that are supposed to be singing singing. It's almost like you like without even thinking You elevated the art form and the impact in one second. Anytime you have a person on stage you've elevated.

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