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We have the mormon ap radio news i'm tim mcguire the supreme court says the white house can fully enforce a ban on travel to the us by people from six mainly muslim nations even as legal challenges against that make their way through the courts the action suggests the high court could have pull the latest version of the band that president trump announced back in september the president is reducing the size of to national monuments in utah bears the years and grand escalante staircase we have seen harmful and unnecessary restrictions on hunting ranching and responsible economic development we have seen grazing restrictions prevent ranching families from passing their businesses and beloved heritage onto the children they peace agremeent gotta reports drives and environmental groups are opposed to the president's action they're vowing to sue to preserve the sites bears ears national monument is on land sacred native americans and home to tens of thousands of archeological sites including ancient clift dwellings it's the first time and a half century a president has moved to undo this type of land protection and it could be the first of many changes to come trump also spoke by phone with republican alabama senate nominee roy more formerly endorsing his candidacy ms special election a week from tomorrow trump support comes despite allegations that the seventy year old more sexually assaulted teenage girls decades ago as the house and senate work on setting up a conference committee to work out the differences in the to tax overhaul bills democrats in the house are already slamming whatever will come out of the committee maryland congressman steny hoyer this is the dead tax those being passed that will sink our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren deeply into debt significant differences do separate the packages which were passed by the house and the senate this is ap radio news.

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