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Detach from believing the narrative your thoughts. I I'm this. I'm that this is important accessible. And the things that we know in the West watching Can't remember the fucking name of that movie the farewell. I can't remember the name of that movie but he did. It takes me two minutes when you're watching that and you see all this. The perspective of China. That was my favorite part. The film was seeing the different world view of China and the way that they have more of a collective identity. I'm not saying China. I'm just saying this one family and that's when movie You realize just how much all of us and this is where drawer says is the point of contemplation. The point of meditation is to realize how many how many beliefs are our guiding your life and nothing new can come in when you're just being a thing from a place with a belief country from time from apparent and nothing you you can get in and he's like but when you are new and when you are empty and he says that meditation brings in Clean Water and when you are clean water even an old idea with a new youself can be useful as a new idea. What the old self? Nothing's going to happen. Right fucking dope. That's so great he also says that we're we can't get over the idea. We can't learn the idea that you see a hot air balloon and it makes you happy. And he's like it wasn't a hot air balloon. You were feeling happy like something inside of you is acting and wanted wanted to be happy and anything would have done that on the balloon that yeah. It's all projections and there's so much more going on inside. Yeah and and we get lost in the hot air balloon distractions. There's so many distractions but it's it's such a once you get there. It's such a relief because the worry just fades away like I've never been a warrior and that is mainly in part because I've always had faith that everything was going to be okay and your dad worried for you and my dad did that for me. Yes one hundred percent. I can't go into your move across the country by yourself self. I'll worry for you well. Yeah 'cause I moved out I mean I moved across the country by myself not knowing anybody on a wing and a prayer saying. I'm I'm going to do this and here we are and I'm doing it a and it's like we this. The signs were all there. Would you need to pay attention attention to them because even those days when I did worry about something. I'm like this one is sid never worked out for you and I was like it's always worked out and that's also because of you for one. You knew what I meant by working out coupons is like it's and that's also but that's a Karma the thing also like I've been a good person might entire life so like that's that's just that coming back to me like being a good person giving when I have to other people who need you will be rewarded for that type of behavior and so I- honestly like well. Where's my next paycheck on a gun from and then disappears out of nowhere? It's like I'm good and just living abundantly yes and you can live abundantly once you tap into that resource which is yourself. You just have to get to you. Know that it's there and what's the word I'm nurture it. Yeah Yeah Oh that's lovely it's lovely I feel like I understand your spirituality. Is there anything else you wanted to re beyond a buyer Yogi. How did you find that I I neat nine either? reread it now. That I'm saying because you know I like we're saying go back and reread it and get a whole more from it because it's been so long you just were now that I've had a grasp on it much longer than I had. Yeah when I read it. I'm going to go back and revisit that so many parts that you just tune out and then then you listen to it again. Now you've experienced something now makes you relate due to an because reading in the first part opened you up to it and then back. There's nothing more exciting to me than reading spiritual texts and Gannon going like. I didn't read that the magic trick. I didn't hear that but first time absolutely But you were raised with the with the stinky cheese stinky dis and then was there any resistance they will also was a part of The Christmas consciousness movement right Jesus was just he was. He was one of the messengers singers from above. Who Say yes but somebody had to explain that to you right? You didn't have any like I'm cheating on the Lord. No because they'd all like I said it just all like stand up with me I can never teach it because it came innately to me I. I just was always funny like from what I was three. I was telling jokes. My parents will tell me like I. I went to a dance. I I was in dance lessons when I was younger. And I remember being in the lobby my sister. I was too young to be in class at this point but I was in the lobby and my sister was taking taking the class. 'cause she's a little older than me and some woman at three she asked me. How old are you? And I said with a straight face eighty-one uh-huh for no reason and see cracked up. My Dad cracked up. And that's one thing I've been doing is making people laugh since I got here and so there's never been a magic volunteer. Thank you get it and so in that I didn't. I'm not gonNA say that I knew my purpose from that young. 'cause I didn't I got into. I knew around around college I was like. I don't feel right pursuing this major that I'm in because I'm too silly. I'm like I'm goofy and I'm supposed to. I was studied dietetic nutrition which means I was. Go go take an unpaid internship in a hospital for a year. Take a test become a dietician. Now's I don't WanNa work in a hospital in two goofy like that's not a place where you just walk around cracking jokes right and so so I point one of my parents and I was like. Would you guys be terribly upset at me if you wasted your money on my education and I'm like I wanNA move across the country to L. A. and pursue a writing for television. I wanted to see if I can write for sitcoms and get into acting did no. I've been doing standup but I fell into that. And obviously they're all connected but yeah I knew I wanted to entertainment so I don't feel like I feel like this was a gift that was given to me and I really feel like that's what everyone needs to realize they spent so much time trying to figure out what what their purpose in life is. And I'm like just what are you good. What do you enjoy doing? And that's IT and share it. You were given that so you can share it with people and so will once you figure that out you can. That's what you're you'll be fine because you find and what what's your purposes it's like the cliche guidance counselor. If you had one hundred million dollars ars what would you do. I love that I don't. I don't know why that got teased her. Like it's cliche accuracy and BJ Novak to this. PODCAST was talking about a guy who made an APP and made a billion dollars or whatever and they started doing comedy. It makes me feel so good. What I'm doing is like the thing that you would do? I'm happy what I'm saying. That out of gratitude bragging and there's something for everybody whatever but we also happen to live in a culture that really values entertainment APPs so that is very true so that's really nice. One of the things that valid I talk about is like what are the things that might not be valued by our society that are still very valuable. You know what I'm saying like so to many people if you if you had a hundred million dollars what we believe to be a movie star and it's like have you ever volunteered at a magic show. That's what have you ever lied about your age when you were three. Stop it sort of goes back to dating white women in this weird way. Scott buying someone else's story I can't speak to the other day saying like I always say you. What's the deal? Do View is a way to say it. But don't don't do the you that you think you're supposed to be viewed as it might be picking. Ah Herbs foresting. Yeah and be like finding crazy mushrooms like my friend dave odd finding crazy mushrooms. There's a guy who used to book shows in Chicago. Mushrooms uh-huh to eat or not forages mushrooms and sells them to restaurants lake and he loves it because he loves hiking. And I don't even know I've just facebook post was shot onto the mushroom man. Thanks for the first ten dollars I ever gotten standup. It's framed in my house. I'll show you know I wouldn't let anybody. I would love to see that. All think about the people who are into mushrooms as he is that he is providing mushrooms to. Somebody's someone's going to say thank you for for doing. Some chef is going to go thank you for me and he sits hockey Cremedas us of mushrooms. criminial start apart is just cut us. Cut Back Doc. You know you're a dancing culture of you name your city. I'm still riffing back. We have Boise Voisey. Sounds like north tap dancing. There Boise is the broom on the ceiling of of pick pick. Pick what I knew it. It had to be Ohio. Well I'm so happy to talk to another White Woman and Oh wow I did the. NFL pair of ripped off a mask and holds. I oh Miss Pam same thing I I would love to have a conversation with Miss Pat and squash whatever it is but my manager reached out to her and she did not respond on and my manager had a relationship with her like helped her sat down with her and talk to her and so when she did not respond to my manager. Well who's your manager. They came up three times. CBS Love Her Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg. Yeah she sounds like you don't want to tell me your ventures I made up a neighbor you know okay. They're Jewish name NAT where no no. She's great apparently she's great.

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