UN chief urges Libya cease-fire, warns its future at stake

UN News


A rare opportunity for peace in Libya should be seized by all those involved in the conflict. Secretary General Antonio Guitarist told a high level virtual meeting convened on Monday to stem the fighting noting that the conflict has been going on for far too long. He said that the country's future is at stake and called on all Libyan's to continue to work towards a lasting ceasefire. The summit comes amidst ongoing longstanding concern over unresolved conflict within. Libya and interference from outside states. The oil-rich country remained split between the UN recognized government of National Accord or GNA, and the self proclaimed Libyan National Army L. N. A. which launched an attack on the capital of Tripoli in. April. Two, thousand, nineteen, the chief of the UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Monday that maintaining humanitarian aid levels during the covid nineteen pandemic was a comparatively inexpensive way to save lives and protect people on the move. A. Along with host communities are facing what he calls a pandemic of poverty. Filippo Grandma told, UNHCR's annual executive committee that keeping aid flowing would mitigate the instability from growing pockets of marginalization, which would be more costly to address later. Despite. The UN chiefs call for global ceasefire. pan-demic conflict, violence, discrimination, human rights, violations, and political crises continue, and currently, there are nearly eighty million forcibly displaced people in the world of figure double that of ten years ago according to Mr Grandy.

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