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It's Vinnie Penn. Coming back at you. Picking up kind of where we left off was interesting to hear Dick Morris on. They're referring to Pennsylvania on tomorrow's show will be filling in all this week and W O R. K o We'll actually have a Pennsylvania mayor on the mayor of Lancaster. S so we'll take the temperature, so to speak A Zara's Pennsylvania's concerned you could tweet at me at Vinnie Pan, like so many of you are, and I appreciate the follows that air coming my way. Although I got a tunnel follows last time I felt in here and they fell away in the days my pop culture. Fanaticism. I think chased a few of you Bostonians off in under a week. It really You got to give me you got to give me a chance here. You could also give us a call it 617 to 66 68 68 To that end, we'll take a couple of calls right now Held head to Quincy. And welcome Paul to the Chau. I appreciate you. Waiting throughout that break and welcome to the show. Oh, hey, sir. That was a Boston guest you had on a very formidable I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have an independent, but I agree with you guys. You know, I think anybody that says, hey of just a Republican, or or mint of just the Democrats. I think that's inaccurate. Every the worlds of black and white. It's great. Everybody is a little liberal and a little conservative in every aspect of life, you know. I think the fact of the matter here regarding Donald Trump is this He just did while me as the president. I mean, against Hillary Clinton. Yes, sure. Nobody wanted Hillary as president. Donald didn't do anything that I was sitting back thinking. Wow. You know what I mean? I believe that there was that there was election fraud going on. But there's been election fraud since I've been voting going on. And I think this I agree with that there definitely has been. But this is the most flagrant. Election. It is right in front of our faces, like without any care in the world at a time when everybody's got cell phones and can film it, too, so it was kind of a middle finger. I don't know. I don't know about where you voted. But when I went to vote I walked in They never ideas me. Yeah. 10 purposes, a photo purposes. Someone else could have waited and voted for me. Right there. All the all the ballots should be thrown out and a Newell and a new election. A new eye of voting day should begin because It's in my city if they didn't If they didn't. I'd be needed an idea. Anybody all those valley? All those battles in my opinion are obsolete. Yeah, I have Ah, friend who checked on his vote to make sure I didn't even know you could do such a thing because I think one of the biggest That things have made everything messy. Here was I saw people voting in September. It's like, why are you voting in September? I know there's a pandemic. But don't you think maybe your mind might change? I So I voted today, did you? It's September. 9th. Why did you so a guy I know voted he voted May be the end of October checked on it. There was no record of it. He goes back to his polling place. Goes the day of and they said All right, then just vote again. And these cycles that would be two times or no times at all. It was. It was a mess from front to back this time around. That's what I'm saying. And ever since I was a kid. I remember voted Wells 18. There were people that got caught voting and they had been dead for years. Oh, yeah, There's a lot of can you really say the Democrats stole the election? You know, I don't know. I just think I think that The truth is Trump didn't while anybody is the president, and he upset a lot of people with this shenanigans and And I voted for Trump. By the way the first time around, So you know, are you saying you didn't this time? Are you saying you didn't this time? Paul just asking, And it's all your vote is your boatman. I voted. I voted independent this time, man. You could say I threw my vote away. But here, Massachusetts If you're not voting Democrat, you throw your vote away, you know? Well, Paul, I appreciate the candor. I appreciate you checking the show out. And I hope you will throughout the rest of the week. Ast far as the trump think is concerned, I just, you know, don't necessarily wanna get argumentative. He was definitely a bull in a China shop. I don't necessarily need toe like I think likeability as far as the president's concerned is kind of a kind of an odd thing. It's a It's a luxury. Really. I didn't like the guy when he was Ah, ah celebrity and on every daytime TV show and home alone, too, and the sex and the City movie, but I think he did quite a few things as president. Historically the most money ever given to historically black universities. There. We didn't engage in any foreign conflict. He put China in its place, and it needed to be put in its place. And then, boom. All of a sudden we got a virus. Straight out of China. Uh, so and as far as the fraud, I think the pandemic was exploited. I think they they saw moment by they I mean, the never Trumpers, the bizarre he's not my president. You don't really get to say that when Biden is sworn in if and when that comes. I've never said he's not my problem in American. He's the president. I know I don't even understand. That fought process there that level of petulant, um and maturity. But there was a roster of things that he did accomplish, and unfortunately he just drove those who didn't like him so insane and not even for any of the things that he did do or didn't do, but What he said afterwards. And I just don't think likeability should be a mitigating factor here. But that's just me. It's Vinnie Penn filling in today. Here on W RKO and all week I hope to hear from you. We'll take a break and be right back. Is your business looking to cut costs without cutting employee benefits? 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