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Contained. Apple Fire started a small brushfires days ago. It's now out of control, scorching nearly 15,000 acres in Cherry Valley east of Los Angeles, and still growing the fire speed, forcing residents to evacuate. Nearly 8000 have fled their homes that Soran shot at Riverside County in California reporting for ABC and more and more younger people now affected with Corona virus. We're learning today and fighting for their lives in the hospital, 29 year old Joshua Elbaz is Trying to fight off the virus in the hospital on Ly a week after it killed his father. You don't think that it's really look at me? I'm in the hospital right now, you know, hooked on oxygen. And my dad just died. It's not a joke. It's not a game. It's been nine days yesterday being the last day of the search in looking for this 18 year old teen who went missing here in Washington. Found alive yesterday on a steep creek in the wooded areas near index along highway to they did some more measurements to try to determine exactly where her phone was last. Got a signal because it's a dead area makes it really difficult for the tracking of cell phones that Sergeant Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff's Office GF Youto had run out of gas and we're looking for gas when she disappeared. Bloodhounds couldn't even keep up with her trail. Hundreds of volunteers comb too thick brush for nine days there. Along the highway to near index on the way to Steven's past. Finally, they found some clothing and then JIA alive. This would be a developing story last we heard she has been reunited with her family. She's taking some rest. And, of course, investigators along with search and rescue, want to hear more of her or deal. You're listening to Komal News Sunday. I'm R Christopher. Melbourne in Australia is back under lock down. These are your world Headlines from ABC News. A surgeon coronavirus cases has prompted officials to put Melbourne, Australia's second biggest city under curfew with more restrictions for the wider Victoria area. Of particular concern to officials are the more than 700 mystery cases which cannot be traced. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly considering putting the capital London under lock down and ordering the elderly to self isolate once more. In the event of a second wave. The Cabinet is working on ways to avoid another national lock down to protect the British economy. Meanwhile, a former UK government minister and lawmaker has been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of rape, sexual assault on coercive control. The Sunday Times reports. The allegations are being made by a former employee at Parliament. And images from space show. There's been more than 7005 any Amazon rainforest in July, a rise of 28% from the same period last year. Julia McFarlane ABC news at the Foreign Desk, London Now you're Komal Propel insurance, Money and business Update stock staged a late rally on Wall Street Friday, closing of their fourth straight winning month. Huge gains for leading tech companies, especially Apple and Facebook, led the way higher. Outside a big tech. Much of the rest of the market struggled, leaving more stocks lower than higher on the day. The S and P 500 rose 5000.8% after a wobbly start today, and the tech heavy NASDAQ rallied 1.5%. There were several signs investors remain cautious about the economy. Overall, small company stocks fell. The price of gold rose to another record high in the 10 year Treasury Yield ticked lower Spirit Airlines has warned up to 30% of its employees that they will lose their jobs in October, and regional carrier Express jets futures in doubt after losing a key contractors. Virus pandemic continues to hammer the airline industry..

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