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Ghostbusters. They're supposed to chapters all over the world. Every state has ghostbusters chapter with their own. Usually Novo logo shape of the state bans dressed up running around showing up opposes arriving vehicle of their own construction. It's reminiscent of that. First moment. I saw my ghostbusters. Come down the street for the first time in Madison. You'll listening to ghost heads. Uk podcast without the computer. Welcome TO GO SET UK. Podcast brought to you by the folks beyond the One Yorkshire Star Wars podcast radio. Free Endo I do hope you all K- in good health as we seem to be heading into world pandemic who said many conventions cancer and around the world and the people behind them will no doubt be feeding the realization the time to post by every book book for when so when we in time for all of us not to mention cats and dogs living together mass hysteria. But if we keep our heads stop binge buying bulk rose and hand sanitizers which be okay but I do help. The elderly will be okay and the homeless. No one seems to be talking about the homeless at this time. And that's worrying. But in the meantime wash hands and if you have to self isolate that would be a great time to rewatch. The ghostbusters films will find films. Or listen to your favorite podcasts. Like this one while I'm talking about podcast. Please do me a favor head over to I. Tunes Lead Me Review and maybe give me five stars. The more we get the higher charts. Go and I want you all on this journey with me. Well what's in the show today? Well we have a great chat with two members of the Jersey. Ghostbusters Chris Green and Mark Miller and we have the audio from QNA from the documentary cleaning up the town. Kinda recorded first by Dr. Toby Brendan of the welshing ghostbusters. Thanks Taibbi so let's move on. Shall we talk.

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