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Its endorsement in Baltimore County executive race. All right. Well, as you know, mega millions the big drawing denied one point six Bill. Billion with a B one point six billion dollars course powerballs up to six hundred twenty million as well. So if you are a part of that office pool or you want to go out there and get your odds are pretty it's one one and over three hundred million and doesn't matter if you buy one ticket ten tickets are one hundred tickets is going to be a one in three hundred million, according to the experts, but when you get right down to it fine. One point would you take the lump sum, which is a nine hundred and five million dollar lump sum. Or would you take the payouts over thirty years? I think a lot has to do with age if you're in your twenty s or something like that. I would take the thirty years the payment. But. Probably good for taxes as well. But you know, if you're in your fifties sixties or seventies or eighties. I think you know, you want to take the alarm saw take the money. I'd take the lump sum Chuck take the lump sum Ha's. Would you take the lump sum? He would always take the lump sum. Let's take a look at that nine hundred five million dollars by the time. The government takes their taxes out. You're looking about you're left with five hundred forty five million dollars. Okay. Then you got to pay all your turns your accountants and everything else to make sure that you know, you're set up properly because you're right. Yeah. The end of the day, you might get a million now. No, they they they say about like five hundred and forty million dollars is what you would walk away from with the lump sums before your friends and family and all the other. That's pretty good. Pretty good work. Now, I'm not a math scholar. Don't think getting of us are. But when you say that the odds of winning are three hundred million to one and you're going to net after taxes five hundred billion dollars could you possibly put up somebody some rich person three hundred million dollars and win. And then, you know, come on come up with a prophet as the result of that investment. So you spent three hundred million dollars to win five hundred dollars five hundred and fifty million. So you you have a net of two hundred and forty million dollars. There's no. Going to win say three hundred to one does the as I said. Two hundred million three hundred million three hundred million right? So one right. So if you bought three hundred million tickets, I think it increases your odds. But it doesn't it doesn't make you. Two dollars. All right now, you're talking about six hundred million dollars. Now, you would lose money. Question there. Yeah. Absolutely. But you know, a lot of them don't play it until it reaches for some reason. These kinds of jackpots for what it's only fifty million dollars like who cares? Trump JJ chunk changes right now, it's one point six. Everybody's eyes. Get real wide open, they fix the odds now too. I don't say fix when you're talking about the lottery, they well laid they changed the. To the point. Your chances are worse than ever. But the jackpots are going to be higher than ever. Right. So that's where we are today. We'll see what happens Chuck, we'll see check with you. A couple minutes coming up on six twenty twenty minutes half the folks weighing in on the illegal alien invasion heading towards our southern border. Rob Fred says the answer to the migrant army should not be calculated political decision. It should be swift decision in the defense of our national sovereignty. There should be consequences for countries. Allowing this to happen. I agree wholeheartedly and zip fan says President Trump is partially to blame for this caravan. He gave on his promise to build a wall and the word got to Central America. They are emboldened. No excuses such as Trump didn't have congress support. He had America behind him, but wimped out. Well, how do you get the money congress to appropriate the money while there's there was some discussion that he was going to take the money that he got seven hundred billion for the military and take some. Some of that since it is defensive the nation redirect that to our southern border. But I'm sure he and Madison probably crossed swords on that one. All right..

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