Severe thunderstorm warning issued for parts of NJ, New York


We had quite an evening filled with severe weather. During the height of the storm, the National Weather Service issued at least three tornado warnings for our area that covered the five boroughs Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, northeastern New Jersey and southern Connecticut. They're also severe weather. Severe thunderstorm warning Watch and watches and wind advisories will go live now to ask you whether meteorologist Carl Verbinski to see where we're at now. Whether wise Well, Monica. Obviously, those wind gusts were very intense. Some of them exceeded 60 MPH roughly three hours ago. But now that a cold front has managed to push through the tri state area, those peak winds have subsided. At least The winds were getting now we're only gusting to near 35 MPH. It's not a tremendous amount of improvement. And we still expect that wind Augusta near 35 MPH overnight. But obviously these winds, not the kind that will lead to the damage and power outages. We're not going to see those returning. Still a lot of cleanup to do, though, and tomorrow while it'll be bright and sunny highs will be in mostly in the mid fifties, acting with a real field temperatures, though in the thirties because of winds gusting near 35 MPH, Monique. Relevance Key. Thank you very much. Now in the storm's wake, we've been left with power outages. P s e g Long Island over 8900 At this hour P s e g New Jersey 18,000 content just over 4500 That's in all five boroughs. And in Westchester, Orange and Rockland just over 2000 without power. JCP n L almost 13,000 ever soars over 34,000 without power

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