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No change from this warm, muggy weather pattern until we get a cold front later in the week. The sky's clear the sun's out. We've got southerly winds today in a warm afternoon 74 low fifties tonight tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds 75. The high will start to get some rain Wednesday. Temperature's just a little cooler. 71 meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel for Talk Radio. 6 80 Wcbm at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, 65 in Oden tonight, Fort Meade 64. And it's 62 at Fort Dietrich in Frederick Reporting a 10 06 on Michael Phillip l E 6 80 Wcbm News Jump Start your day with the first look at really news and informed opinion, traffic and weather on the freeze local sports and the issues that matter to you most Join the Morning Drive with Casey and Elliot's weekdays from 6 to 9 A.m. on talk Radio six double

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