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Super bowl in all honesty and it is and you know compared to the last couple of suva roles where i clearly had uh you know i i thought dan moore was clearly the right side in africa figuring warning than last year i quite atlanta and the other were clearly the right side obviously that didn't come out uh to fruition because of the overtime the late scorn but dead and i've gone on record said if it's your super bowl i'm right there with you i don't have any strong opinion uh other than where i perceive the value to be not in a you know coming into it it's not like i perceive there's gonna this is highly game is exactly gonna play out so we're i just gone as far as were my handicapping it is what stock value and where i see value is i mean you look at the warden new england was being priced out on the money line in the first 24 to 48 hours after lying when it was opened up i mean we're talking new england more was tradenet myers to forty minustwo fifty on uh on the money why my 235 a it was door down in not right now here in vegas i can get it at my us one eighty mine efsa you know one seventy five at one joint still minus one 85 you're tell me i can get fifty plus sense about you on new england uh they just brew the fact that that has crossed through basically dead five numbers far as the point spread goes uh that's what were objects that it's not like i have a strong handicap i i just there at some point you gotta be may be more of a better than handicapper with regards to this year super bowl and just look at were exactly the value is and at a four and a half points spread typically in the nfl you should be laying my two hundred mines 210 on the money line that's not necessarily the case uh obviously at least year vegas on that one so that's where my value has but i think you your philosophy new england money line philadelphia you know plus the four and a half currently i think that's a pretty good strategy i mean philadelphia can be controlling the game late touchdown philadelphia lose by three or four just like what happened.

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