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I said information off the island reveal she came up with a Goliath cheer, which I don't know if you watch your Ponderosa, but the jurors greeted her with a cheer I said her closest ally was Alec and her worst enemy was Natalie. So again, not putting the cart before the horse here. Not put in the Byrd bath before the bird or just want to say goodbye right there with CARA. So it was this prediction for Chelsea or for Keira. I guess I wrote she'll be sitting as an she'll be the one who just sits out a bunch of challenges. I I did not a dote upon our preseason predictions with did with Paul's. But I'm pretty sure that I thought CARA or Jessica was going to be a resident purple person of the season. So I think that that was sort of like where my guests came from. All right. I am going with the point four Liana because Mike too much bird pandering. Yes, I say but this new game. You can't you can't be getting points in two games at once. So if you're going to try and infuse this podcast with as many bird references, as you can you're going to have to be held accountable on another front, and it was close, but that's going to be the separating factor. I will say on the CARA fron. This is a case where a few additional confessionals would go such a long way, and as someone who has played one of these games and not to be like overly serious about the situation here, but I feel badly for her because she played a strong game. And they made her into really like a nothing in the edit. But if you want to you know, suss out how good of a game did carry play esque, the nineteen other people enter cast how difficult is to not have someone cast a vote to eliminate you the entire season it's virtually impossible, and you cannot do that by doing nothing or floating by or not. Having a relationships or having innocuous opinions. That's not the way it works. People do themselves in vote after vote after vote after vote, and you're doing a lot of things right to not be one of those people. So she's not getting the credit. That credit deserves is the flashiest game. Did she necessarily pull off the one or two big move? She needed to do not necessarily not the most entertaining thing I've ever seen in my life. But she played a lot better. And I think that also I'd like to say, and I know that this might be unpopular in the fan community, but Alec posted a freaking picture a picture of someone who he spending time with and happy and excited about and the fan base. We got a little intense about the whole thing we had in our minds at these. We're going to be two idiots who were gonna show Mance it up and be garbage in the game. And that was just plainly not the case, they just like each other. And they just posted the picture. It can be just a picture. How dare you actually that was probably the biggest surprise for me and the happiest surprise because I think I definitely win to the season thinking like oh Alec era. Like, I'm going to think very little of them and turned out to love both of them and to change like in the first opinion, really matters. And to be able to change that first opinion. Good on them. That's amazing. Yeah. It was really fun to sort of get to know them. And then sort of how this thing lingering in the back of your head. And I think that we sort of got reawakened when obviously all the finale activities occurred and Alec obviously was not there. A Germany was not either. So it was a really interesting thing. We're Jeff ends up. Introducing these three groups of six basically in the very start of the finale, so everything ended up being actually pretty darned balanced at the end of the day. But it's sort of just reminded everyone about oh, yeah. That thing happened over the summer. It almost reminds me of like whether or not you purposely search out the spoiler. Sometimes if you have like, you're Zeke and michaela's. That you know, when the Nils versus gen-x caskets gets released. Oh, yeah. They're going to be on the next season. I feel like you watch them with a different lens knowing what's going to come from them. Then you would do just going and completely to Boola Rossa..

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