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Let's go to rich hunter in the traffic center. All right, traveling in Virginia on the beltway at a loop you should come off the American legion bridge and continue through the interchange at Georgetown pike now down to a single right lane to the work zone, it is very slow in that stretch of the belly. Then on the added loop as your purchase 66, you get positive work sound two lanes to the left and keep in mind the exit ramp to go west on 66 is open at this time. 95 northbound slow into the work between the Prince William Parkway and one 23, single right lane passes the overhead sign worked on up near the fairfax county Parkway, looks like you get by now in a column of twos to the left past the crash cleanup. On 95 north and south just south of the exit for Quantico X one 48 in the area of mile mark one 46 in both directions, you're down to a single lane each way, and again they are going to be doing temporary total closures between midnight and 3 a.m. of up to 30 minutes at a time, way it looks right now they may have already started, but in any event it is very slow using route one between let's say dumfries and 6 ten get you past the work in both directions also keeps you moving rather than sitting in a slower stop traffic on the interstate. Now in the district again they are setting up a work center that's already in place and suitland Parkway, westbound as you approach for Sterling you must turn it for Sterling, you can not go beyond that point. Eastbound traffic has to stay with south capital street. This is due to a traffic pattern change on suitland Parkway between two 95 and first Sterling, and if you're on two 95 north and south, the exits to suitland Parkway on boat directions are closed as part of that work. For over 35 years in the DMV Greenberg and betterment has helped tens of thousands of clients who've been hurt and auto accidents were victims of medical malpractice was a GB lawyer's dot com and feel better. Rich hunter of a YouTube traffic. Your forecast now from Amelia Draper. We're extremely humid and hot for the rest of the workweek on into the weekend and that among other factors will help to fuel showers and thunderstorms

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