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I love that name Blueberry. I mean everybody does and Uber just has no right to tell other people what to do with their business. We just WANNA mess around with dealing with right now and it's true what you Hashtag ubereats you find you guys anyway. Stories out there. Everybody mentioned it. And we all know what asshole wish we could deliver. Food Uber. Sex you need the franchise food to You. WanNa fly it now. Private jets. I know you gotTa know somebody yelled. Yeah we know a lot of somebody's about this. We're going to work on this concept. We'll make Ya. We're going to get the food and the boobs with the food. I mean otherwise. I don't know well even though we can't use the term Uber Uber eats people are still a referred to us as blueberry. Yes and that's awesome. If you WANNA go search something on the Internet you Google something. So if you want food answers to deliberate it's always GONNA be regardless we can't use the name or not so exactly term. We stamped it. And that's arm is now your term you know and that's basically every time. People look up boo greets. You know they're gonNA find you. And you know to ubereats great Chagrin but you know ubereats is a pain in the ass I tell you. We've tried to order for them and they're very difficult. They really are. They really make it difficult to order. We're working on the franchise. Serious you get franchise. We'll be exciting. La should be your next place. I know we're working on it. It doesn't matter what you can hear my voice right now. Yeah Yeah we can hear it. We hear you who are you? Are You Guy Josh? He's my business partner. And he's got stars on his Josh. Josh Josh a male dancer or gender fluid show off to show him. You're very kind. Thank you nice little You know six packers four pack. Well I haven't been working out for a month nearly Jason Momoa. Yeah he's like Jason Momoa on Jason. Memo is hot very nice in it. You well okay. But you can't tell when someone's behind a veil right here there you are man. I got smooth skin. I see that no right. I forgot about the crack. I give you the benefit of the crack. I thought he makes she crack. I thought he meant your ass crack..

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