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The report, I don't want to miss that. We've got the report somebody wrote me a said does Craig no that the Chinese have agreed to buy all the soybean every day. Yes. Craig knows it better than you can imagine. So yes, Craig knows. I know we heard the president. We saw the reports. So yeah, we're making some headway in these talks is very very encouraging very exciting. So. Yeah. Anyway. Eight four four seven zero seven fifty five thirty three. So here's the deal. We've got the Agra fort I want to give you a little bit. But I I may have to go to a call before the Agra port. So I'm not going to have a lot of time. Just pump you off, but we go to the Agra port. But a man has been holding for a while. I'm gonna do that. But because Kevin Brady congressman Kevin Brady coming out with us in the next segment, and we're looking forward to having a congressman on with their. He is he's one of the good guys in Washington. So we're gonna talk to him that we're gonna get right back to phones. So let me just mention the indices right now dramatically up as I s am manufacturing index came in above expectations. This is another number not even close all these economists haven't had a day to day. But anyway. Well, that's good news, man. What a way to kick off January just keeps getting better and better. That's possible. All right here, we go. Problems. Let me go to Amanda. Hey, amanda. Hey, Dan, I will be quick wedding planning on quitting my job in April. I'm going to have another child dominant. They home take care of the kids don't have. But I do have a 4._0._1._K with my word. And I'm just wondering what's the? With transamerica. Where should I move it? Over already have a Roth IRA, I'm contributing to you and. What four one K? Yeah. Don't leave it there. Amanda, if you can do it. I would like you. Where's your Roth? And it is with Ameritrade TD Ameritrade. Okay. So if you could go to TD Ameritrade and opened up a traditional IRA account. Tell them what you're doing. You don't need any money to do. It just opened the account up. Let them know that you got a rollover from a work for a one K that's coming into it. And I would like you to do that that would be far better for you. And here's what I'd like you to do with. I'm I'm sorry. I'm talking fast. But here's what I'd like you to do with that. I would like you to use that use that portfolio, whatever that money is as part of your more aggressive positions as you follow the asset allocation model, okay? So in your Roth IRA, so so your Mike is you have a micro cap. If you if you've got if you wanna buy a couple of small caps companies, your, you know, your tech your tech companies. Let's see what else maybe tech in healthcare allocations. You could you could be focused on on that that's smaller amount. And I think that'd be a great way to go. I think that would serve you really well because you're not gonna be contributing to that. It's just going to sit there for thirty years or whatever it's going to be. So you might as well be fairly aggressive. Yes, you'll see some some downturns. It's not to say you won't have to manage it a little bit. There may be a couple of positions in there that you know, I put on my cell last or are up significantly and you want to sell out of or are. Just been a dog for years and you want to sell out of moves that money somewhere else. I mean, maybe some management, but for the most part since you're not contributing. I'd rather have. Yes. More risk. But the greatest opportunity to go up as well. That makes sense. Make. Amanda, I wish you all the best. And I want to thank you you and your husband for your commitment for you to take on. Now. The toughest job anybody could take on. And to be a stay at home. Mom. That's awesome. So I wish you all the best. And God bless you. Thank you. Good stuff. Eight four four seven or seven fifty five thirty three eight four four seven or seven fifty five thirty three. Now, we have a line open. But we're gonna we got our Agra poor coming up. And then we we've got an interview just one segment and interview with congressman Kevin Brady, all of you. And Kevin congressmens Brady's district that would be the Woodland's and Conroe Texas. Probably two of our biggest. Areas for the ministry. I'll tell you something if. Texas, arkansas. And virginia. So other big thing. Your biggest. I mean, there's a number states. I mean, we're in every state Louisiana's being a couple of others. But may have we lost those man, they are they are the ministry and wish you are appreciating. So I'm glad we're having Kevin Kevin Brady on great. Great great, great guy. So we thank you for all that speaking of Virginia tomorrow morning, you're going to be there. Richmond. Come on now. Tomorrow morning, nine o'clock. Don't make me work on a Saturday. And you not be there. So come on out. Richmond Virginia area grove avenue, Baptist church grove avenue Baptist church. You can go on our website under vents and pick up the address. So Richmond Virginia. Grove avenue Baptist church. Tomorrow morning, nine o'clock. We're gonna have a great time. Very laid back, come in your pajamas. If you want bring your coffee, so we're going to have a great time. So I hope we see there. I'm speaking tonight snowing. Hope I can get there at their shebab dinner. So here's Greg Haggar with Admiral Boorda, we'll be right back. This is Craig. Financial issues and updates through. February twenty eighth corn laws grown again yesterday. In.

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