Show 41 'Two Funny Guys' Tim Jones/BobSaget - burst 2


I'm happy now. Native st it'd be be apart really creativity at work right here man. I'm going home. My daughter's going to be some weird. We got this This to side to a baby mobile. That's voice activated. Somebody gave us a gift. Which means you put it in the crib at the baby cries or maxine sound burnt order gas trigger views. It this is kinda weird. He's like addition and she's three years old concert. Thanks thanks the funny thing is maybe one of these big one part of it. they're cool. it really happening revenue. You're looking at another room. If you're slicing dicing with your best dramatic. Play with you mr microlending. You're i don't know overdose attitude right now not just me people because now i so part of the art anywhere you want to be your dead here. Sprinkle one nine shirt and crack lows. Please you got a dollar decided griffin. I hundred kids audience walking around with the communistic room. All my best friend.

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