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You listen to Arizona's morning news. Governor Doug Ducey says he plans to make Arizona's schools safer, and he's getting support from Maricopa County sheriff's unfortunate that we have to consider this or that we have a need for it. It's our top story. And here's Jamie, west KTAR is on education. Doug Ducey is a plan to keep your kids safer at school. We know when a police officers around it makes things safer. Maricopa county. Sheriff Paul Penzone supports the governor's plan. Let's get story live from KTAR Jim cross. Jimmy, the sheriff telling KTAR's MAC and Gaydos, unfortunate that we have to consider this or that we have a need for it. But I commend the governor the governor's safe Arizona schools plan. Also includes more school counselors during the state of the state address on Monday. The governor announced he'll be including some elements of his plan and his budget. When it's released on Friday. We've got a responsibility to do something for our kids. And we've got to do it this session live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news ASU. President of Michael crow hopes lawmakers this session. Take a hard look at a fifty fifty funding model for three public universities. It would fund fifty percent of tuition for Arizona students. We'll worry about the university you the legislature and the governor worrying about the students help them to come to the university will keep the cost is lowest possible co says if the state legislature can get on board. It'll lead to more students being able to go to university and graduate, which would mean a larger workforce ready to contribute to the state's economy. Both you and in a us presidents back the plan to. It is eight thirty one coming up quickly here on eight thirty two. Let's get to detour.

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