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Accounting their miles. Oh hey jay. Peter david issues. It occurred to me that for all that. He's authority subject as a creator. He comes close to clermont when it comes to total footprint and a single title you think i mean divided up over different time periods. Wait no thought. David justed one really long run up. Oh hi tina. We were looking accretive footprints in trying to figure out how. Peter david stacks up Really well honestly. I'm not sure there's any other writer who's done as much on one title as he has. That can't be right. I mean david did a lot but nothing close to save clermont. Claremont was what seventeen years david scott. Maybe twelve that can't be right shea. I mean by my math. It's ten if you don't count the gaps forty eight volumes is pretty damn impressive. I mean even if some of them are in geez what there aren't anything close to forty eight volumes have x. factor x. factor. I was talking about the incredible hulk. Oh you guys were talking about comics. What were you talking about star trek novels watch. I'm jay editon mile stokes and we are here to explain the x. Men because it's about time someone did welcome to episode three hundred forty four of and miles explain the x. Men were we walk to the ins outs and raccoons of comics. Greatest superhero soap opera and welcome to space the final frontier and welcome also to our guest expert. Tina carlton thank you. It's good to be back after Two hundred something episodes. Yeah the last time you were on. The show was back in that first summer. Special we did. We did the role playing game. And you were wolverine covering in the playing game. You did an upset sixty two now. It's possible that you've heard tina's voice. More recently on one of about eighty podcasts. That she and her husband. Max do which are pretty terrific and most of which are focused on tv. We're gonna link to those And insert the hub for those individual companion but tina. Some sort of what's going on right now Sure we are. Podcast can be found at welcome to television dot net. We recap podcasts. Various television shows currently where recapping the old charmed and farscape and we recently concluded doing one division. Nice and as i understand it. You also have a great deal of familiarity with something very relevant to this episode. That being star trek. Yes so star. Trek is kind of my my first fandom my my original my original fandom i got into star trek when i was twelve years old and flipping through channels and i saw i saw a woman fling a man into a bulkhead in the true q episode where the guest character discovers that she is in fact a cue with the like powers that entails and i was like okay. I need to know everything about this and relevant to this episode. That y'all are filming today. This was this was way back in the. Ah the distant time of the nineties which meant we didn't have tivo or dvd's you had to buy the episodes like a single thirty dollar cassette tape at a time at suncoast motion picture store so a lot of yes i remember. I think i still have a chunk of those original series episodes. Vhs that's amazing. I am afraid. I've gotten rid of all of mine. I wish i had saved them now. In retrospect but most.

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