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Joined as always by the voice of MMA, the great teddy Atlas, teddy how you feeling. You know what? I could be I could have like a fever, I could have broken bones. I could be like on a stretch on my way to the ER. And I feel pretty damn good after that win last night. That was a good one. Congratulations to the Raiders, raider nation. It's like a fight that gets all beat up, but he wins. You know what, he don't feel a damn thing. He don't feel damn thing the next day. And I'm, you know, thank God my family's feel better. Get an over COVID and everything. And we've been over doing good and, you know, I always have my little situation with my back, but and I know you are having a low situation. You're so stubborn. You went and running when it's like 20° out. And you forget about something called black ice. And you know, you can't do that no more. You gotta stop. That's what the treadmills for. The drag nose for when there's black eyes, you go on a treadmill. You go on the federal, you go inside, you say it? Well, the treadmill, I use it today. I know you're a maniac. And you got him wrong, and you've got what my first thought when I got up when I finally peeled myself off the ground for the third time in the last week, I thought, oh my God, thank God I didn't break my hip. Can you imagine if I had to come on here and say, hey guys, I broke my hip. Can you imagine the old man jokes I'd hear for the rest of my life? And I fell down so hard, I was like, oh, thank God I didn't break my hip. No, don't listen. Thank God you're okay. Please choose the treadmill when it's cold like that or something. Seriously. We don't want something of a beautiful family. You know, but yeah, I feel good because with baby, you know, that saying that the great out Davis, the great laid out Davis said was, I mean, you talk about being on a button just find a way to win. Find a way to win in life. And in the football and in baseball and in boxing, find a way. Find a way. Sometimes it doesn't come down to strategy exes and all those talent anymore. Speed, everybody's dead tired. It comes down find the way. Find a way. Something inside you find a way. You refuse to lose. Find a way. And the rate is, you know, for all the weaknesses, everyone's got weaknesses, but you know for all the things that they obviously could be stronger in positions and this and that, they found the way. There's one thing that you can't put in there. That's hot. And they showed someone's heart, so much grit, really. Congratulations to all of them. Congratulations on my son teddy. I'm so happy for him. I'm so happy for all of them. They work so damn hard. Obviously everyone works hard, but these guys have a lot of things happen during the season. A lot of crazy things a lot of tragic things have been doing this season and you know what? How do you get in this position? How? Find a way. Will, you know, will we be skilled? You know, quite often, like, the great customer model to quote him or paraphrases quote to me was teddy will always beat skill. Unless one man goes so far superior that the other man's world never gets tested. Same thing in life, same thing in no team, whatever. And you know, when you get in the NFL, it's pretty comparable to talents out there. You know, some teams have more, no doubt about it. But it's fairly comparable. And then it comes down to execution and obviously technique teaching culture that's all part of it, but not only places will. And that was a great exhibition of that for people that maybe things are going bad in their life. And they've had some bad things. I mean, you had so many terrible things with this team. And what happens, they just kept banging away, banging away, not giving in, you know, it's never over. You know, you'll be better at that same it's not over towards over. You know what that really is defined for me what that means. It's not over to you say it's over. That's right. That's what it says to me. It's not over to you, say it's over. I don't give a think about this one says that one says, you know, even with the statistics might say sometimes, it ain't all over to you say it's over. And we don't say it's over. Well, you always got a shot. You know what? You know what that makes me think of teddy Alex Vulcan offski when Brian Ortega had him in that guillotine, a mounted guillotine, and I was like, oh, it's over. And even Alex was like, yeah, I can see the slight start the flicker, but he kept trying kept trying and refused to believe it was over and it wasn't. That's amazing. I mean, that's it. That's the one thing that machinery doesn't have that the genius of human life. Really, the miracle of human life. You know, whether you believe in God whether you believe in nature whether whatever you believe in. But the miracle and magic.

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