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At ten forty four Jay, Phillips KOMO news And now your KOMO forecast with Steve Hello, everybody well. Here's what we expect tonight just increasing clouds again we'll be. Somewhere around fifty six or so as we wrap things. Up always a little bit, different, depending, on where you live We've got a slight. Chance of some drizzle in the morning but. Then after that we go right back to, sunshine, so it's not looking. Too bad and we do have warmer temperatures on the way so summers doing its thing in the KOMO weather center I'm Steve pool turning pretty cloudy out there sixty five in downtown Seattle at ten thirty five twenty five thousand dollars now, the reward being offered in an arson case involving kingdom halls of the, Jehovah's Witnesses and Thurston county special agent Derek Pleasants ATF says they're looking for a person of interest. After three, fires in a shooting incident at kingdom halls recently and. They're asking for the public's help to you or someone you. Know, has information that will help us in this investigation and will help us bring those responsible to Justice he says they're also looking for a two thousand seventeen dark-colored Jeep renegade that was seen. At, the. Fire, in Olympia on July third. Anyone with information. On, the fires or shooting can call the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives or crime stoppers damage to the kingdom halls estimate At seventy five thousand dollars congressman. Dave Reichert says he is pushing the Trump administration to end some, of the tariffs that could be leading to a trade War I for one have urged the president to restore the exemptions from steel and aluminum tariffs For. Mexico and Canada but in a subcommittee hearing. Earlier today Democrats calling out Reichert and his fellow Republicans for. Not doing, enough ranking Democrat Bill parsoes Grell from New Jersey. We are deeply disappointed that the committee Republicans. Do not call, administration witness to this Sharon to explain the president's erratic trade actions those who testified were mostly farmers and business owners as well. Once. Again Seattle earning the title of being America's crane capital this is the third year in a row the city's construction boom has. Landed, them on top of the crane count and komo's Carleen Johnson has more for us Well that's the sound at the construction side in the corner of minor, and how will were they have one of those giant construction cranes one of the sixty five in the city right now according to this survey from writer. Levitt Bucknell in the Seattle times piece they do a worldwide crane count. Twice a year and being architects in Seattle tells the times Jack hammering and concrete, foreign will continue despite the fact land. And labour are getting more. And more expensive all the time a lot. Of the money still coming in from investors from Asia and the, Middle East Seattle as more than twice, as many cranes as any other city other than Chicago where they've got forty in LA has thirty six globally. Seattle still pales in comparison to the type of construction going on in other parts. Of the world Dubai has an unbelievable eleven. Hundred eighty two cranes Carleen Johnson KOMO news Tacoma dome is. Closed to, the public right now is crews are hard at. Work renovating that Building Co. komo's Charlie harder. Got a behind, the scenes look at the thirty two million dollar project a big section of the concrete flourished been Ridout cruiser pouring new one in and say bye to the cramped. Old benches the city of Tacoma's the deer says they're replacing them with seats on the bench is basically we just had a lines drawn so if you've, got your whole space you're kind of, lucky but if you had somebody larger on either, side is like sitting in the window or the middle see them an airplane so you're gonna have your own individual and it's going to be comfortable and some of. The legroom will be adjusted as well workers are on a tight schedule the plan is to have the t. dome open for business by Tober in Pierce county Charlie Harger, KOMO news summer is officially here the coastguard reminding you to be safe on the water new reports show the number of accidental deaths among kayakers paddle borders. Is on the rise already this year there have been six kayaking deaths. In our state and with paddle boarding exploding in popularity over the last few years, officials say they see a lot of..

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