I tell you, this is the Democrats. They got some big plans


Which is different than WTF is Washington football team. Now they you know yea football team Go home team. Root root root for the home team. No man coverage at the Washington Redskins, which you can't call the Russian because the Democrats will punish you and you'll never work in this town again. The Washington football team has hired a chief people officer, a chief people, officer. Can that be persons and wait a minute when you're talking about the disgraced former Washington Redskins? Should you use the word chief? I think that the dog whistle. I think that's code. I think that's a thumb in the eye of Native Americans everywhere. You can't have a chief. It should be like scout or a brave chief people. Officer. The brave people officer or the scout People, officer. Maybe the squad people officer they heard a chief people officer. Hoping to bolster an area and understaffed human resource is department that led to issues in the past. You know, I'm so sick of you remember one football was staffed by kind of big, strong, rough and tumble men. Mm hmm. With hair on the outside of their nose Art Donovan used to describe the old Chicago bears and how I described Chuck Schumer, I think Was

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