Is running out. And so Rudy Giuliani


And another attorney on the Trump team, Cydney, Pal. Were on Fox News. This morning. And they claim that there's mounting evidence. Two. Show that this election was in fact stolen from President Trump will have those comments for you coming up here. On kale, DJ President and of the incoming President Joe Biden also had their Representatives out on the Sunday TV news shows today. Both were asked about The president's tweets. About supposedly conceding. So here's just a quick clip from President elect Biden's incoming chief of staff Ron Klein, and presidential campaign advisor Jason Miller. For President Trump what they had to say about those tweets. Look if the president's prepared to begin to recognize that reality that's positive. Donald Trump's Twitter feed doesn't make Joe Biden president or not president. The American people did that presidents not conceding anything, in fact with the president was speaking to is the mindset of the media that they're acting as if Joe Biden has already won. The fact of the matter is states have not yet certified. Okay, And so the back and forth continues right? Not only on has, he conceded Is Biden the incoming president or not? And what about all these legal claims from the Trump legal team? Still no evidence. But they say there is planning to overturn this whole deal.

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