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The goes with his second home run of the ballgame it's six milwaukee matt mcgill would come in to pitch the eighth inning four the twins i battery faces jonathan vr he doubles manny pena then flies out that allows vr to move to third after the second out is recorded with vr stain at third lorenzo cain comes to the plate kane line drive down the right field line this one slicing and it's a fair ball at pops into the seats it's a ground rule double for lorenzo cain and the brewers have a seven to one lead christian yelich would then get a base hit lorenzo cain tried to score on it he would be thrown out at home at seven one going to the bottom of the eighth inning boone logan comes onto pitch for the crew and the first batter he faces is brian dosier who strikes out rosario then flies out but escobar would come up with a twoout basit and that would bring kepler back to the plate three one pitch kepler drives when a deep right field backing up santana just watching homerun max kepler and now it's seven three but the brewers will get one more run in the top of the ninth inning phil hughes onto pitch johnson vr leads the for the base set we've said that a lot after the first out is recorded domingo's santana at the plate to pitch santana line drive left centerfield rose sorry oh back it's over his head and off the wall and a bounce aguilar huffing and puffing his way to third it'll be another double for domingo's santana hit them or fifteen in the game for the crew a sacrifice fly would score santana that would make it eight three that would be the final score of this one corey canaveral got the final three outs of the game not a safe situation but good see him finish out he did come up with a couple of strikeouts the.

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