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An explosion, there LA fires Margaret, Stuart says DWP's been notified of the explosion cruiser on seeing they're trying to figure out what it was that apparently, no reports of any injuries or any power outages, because of the explosion news brought to you by next in air and heat. Police in Pasadena says they arrested sixteen people at a Gold Cup soccer double header, the Rose Bowl iffy to the Mexican men's national team, ten of those arrested were apparently drunk, Mexico, stop Cuba's seven and nothing in the second game of the doubleheader that started at six thirty last night after Canada's four to nothing shutout of Martinique, and gold cut play both games were group games in the biennial championship North America Central America and Caribbean. Region basically Cauca kaffir short. At least two hundred seventy nine dolphins have become strained across the US Gulf Coast, and the last four months. That's about triple the number found in a normal year, the National Oceanic and atmosphere. Ick administration says ninety eight percent of the dolphins found from Louisiana to the Florida died Noah scientists are investigating whether the lingering effects from the oil spill in two thousand ten and low salinity from high river levels, contributed to this about twenty percent of the dolphins stranded, had sores consistent with freshwater exposure, a two day festivals. Coming to marina del Rey next weekend. Marina fast at Burton, chase park celebrates the coastal lifestyle of marina del Rey, the festivals. Russ Carrington says there will be an in water boat show, number of marine related vendors that will give you an example of what it's like to, to use. Marina del Rey, whether it be a kayak paddle board or fancy yacht, and there's also going to be trucks, historic water tours and activities for the kids, south bend, Indiana. Democratic mayor. Blue Ridge is calling out, President Trump's approach to immigrate president who got elected on a promise to fix immigration, whatever that meant to him. And what we've seen is that all of these issues that were with us. Then with us now. The Trump administration is backwards when it comes to solving rising influxes of illegal immigration focusing, too heavily on criminalising migrants, instead of supporting stability in the Central American countries where many are fleeing for their safety. He says, many migrants are not coming to the US to pursue the American dream, but rather to flee violence in their home countries officials in Hong Kong, say they've suspended a controversial Bill that would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to China, but there's a demonstrations have not stopped ABC's. Bob Woodruff says as many as two million took to the streets today. Third major demonstration and just a week. Capping a period of intense soul-searching for so many in this global financial center about their ability to have some type of atonomy from China. Now many also galvanized by a protester yesterday who fell off a roof and died demonstrators. Now calling for the resignation of Hong Kong's Beijing leader, Carrie Lam, even though. Oh, she's taken the extradition, Bill off the table. The meantime, if this was trying to get the protesters to disperse country in Africa is selling wild animals to save them from drought experiencing what maybe its worst drought. In ninety years, the country's ministry of environments, has grazing land shrinking thousands of animals or endanger of dying. The ministries announced plans to auction off about a thousand wild animals in the national parks. The government says they're hoping game, farmers will buy the animals despite the fact that farmers do race animals for hunting plans to auction off twenty four elephants sixty giraffe plus hundreds of buffalo. Some kudos Springbok and Impala to reduce stress on grazing lands and raise about a million dollars for conservation. Amy king KFI news. Got a crash in the mid city, LA area on the Ted that's going to be on the eastbound side at national boulevard. There's a crash taking with the left lane causing a release jam drive back from Bundy drive over an east LA Cal trans doing some work on the seventeen southbound from the sixty to the five the right lane is completely shut down until eleven pm tonight in a gore hill or any Gora on the one on southbound before lost hills road. There is a crash taken away the left lane causing a heavy drive back from liberty Kenyon road. And the northbound side is jammed from Las Virginis find sky helps get you there faster..

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