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With TD Ameritrade institutional or begin account you don't know Hey we got the Dallas fed president Robert Kaplan says the fourth quarter economy is weak how would he know we haven't finished the fourth quarter we're just we're in the middle of the fourth quarter it's like saying Hey we're gonna lose this game how does he know well here's what it says from some disease all he was on sympathy today he says he expects US economic growth the slow substantially in the fourth quarter because business is worried about the train war or cutting their inventories now I heard somebody else on fox business today talking about spending consumer spending and consumer confidence they've never seen a higher they said the Dan this are expected to spend twice as much as they did last year on give the average were almost twice as much the average Dan last year spent about eight hundred Bucks on gifts for everybody this year they expect dads to spend twelve hundred Bucks on gifts for everybody average that's an average that's a lot of money for gifts for Christmas that's what we're talking about they say the holidays but I mean basically we're talking my Christmas arming but here's what Kaplan told C. N. B. C.'s Steve role is the least one during an interview on squawk box is we think the fourth quarter is going to be weak a trip to the anemic growth level two D. globalization in the form of tariffs the US and China have levied against each other in the trade war he didn't put a specific level where he thinks GDP gains will fall gauges from The New York in Atlanta for the rest of meaning rise of zero point seven percent and zero point four percent C. N. B. C.'s own rapid update measure of economists expectations what's the number closer to one point five percent Kaplan said the inventory reduction is probably cutting Hampel point all of GDP is is is means people have been the stocking and probably the reason they were destaca ing is there was a lot of pessimism over the last number of months over future growth prospects we think things will stabilize we've got a good chance to grow to percent next year over the long run he sees the U. S. growing and one point seven five two percent range though he said that even that that slowed pace could come under pressure it gets worse if we don't make some policy changes we think over the next five or ten years is going to be a going to slowly decline I'm not sure we I mean the it may be right I'm not an economist I just go by my feeling out there it just feels pretty darn good as far as the economy is concerned but if you're a girl scout don't feel like you have to hold anybody that's the message from the girl scouts they sent out another tweet they've done this before but the girl scouts of tweet has resurfaced a recommendation about how parents can help young girls handle affection girl scouts USA tweeted out a reminder and this is telling parents she doesn't owe anyone a hog not even of the holidays come on folks if we're talking about aunt Martha for crying out loud well you don't owe anybody hog the hugs or obviously they say this from CNN of a non sexual nature doting aunts and grandparents were inclined to big embraces in cheek pinches of holiday gatherings however the girl scouts post says this could set the stage for unexpected the emotional consequences we go think of it this way they sang telling your child that she always someone a hog either just because she hasn't seen this person in a while because they gave her a gift can set the stage for her questioning whether she always another person any type of physical affection when they've bought her dinner or done something else seemingly nice for her later in life so the hugging and Martha it means you're going to set yourself up to physical abuse the rest of your life I'm telling these people they've taken over these institutions are nuts they're actually nuts it also offers insight from girl scouts development or developmental psychologist Dr Andrea bass the omni Archibald says living girls decide when and how to show affection even the family members can help with quotes setting physical boundaries and expecting them to be respected even as they get older well I think what's going to happen is you got some girl is going to stand and not gonna hug and Martha Martha is going to get our feelings hurt and then mom says well she's just she's a stronger independence and actually what she's doing is being a little brats nothing wrong with hugging and Martha whenever you see your once a year well some people and waved away concern on social media accused the girl scouts of blowing an innocent family interaction out of proportion others pointed out that this has long been a very controversial topic in parenting circles it hands after CNN's Cheney a header wrote an article advocating for such a practice in twenty fifteen readers respond with various opinions some sheer difficult stories from their childhood they carried with them well into their adult years what from hugging an aunt one reader wrote I raise my children this way over twenty years ago why do we do this because I had been a victim of sexual abuse by a family friend for so many years as a child I didn't want my children to think that they had the hunger touch others unless the contact was wanted I think is a big difference between hockey and Martha and being sexually assaulted my uncle John so that's just me others didn't understand the big deal and argue that family obligation sometimes means doing uncomfortable things one reader road you're damn right you're gonna hold the woman who gave your mother father life so you could have a life girl scouts of history of taking on polarizing subjects regarding girls women and gender identity over the past few years parishes and religious groups have made Publix Publix splits with the organization because the girl scouts secular interests so here I read another store today this is from was it and they know any knows getting up beat up by the anti for folks remember him Australian trans athlete hello ham amount C. has been vocal about policies in sports she says discriminate against trans women well obviously in they got a video here Hannah she's a man man she's at least a head taller than everybody else and huge weight lifter but they're playing some sport I don't even know what this is a maybe it's an Australian thing and I apologize for not knowing it looks like soccer let's see what it is is this I don't know what this is okay I'm looking at what you use it it looks like a softball you throw it to and then you throw it into a soccer net what is that he might know what that is I'm not I but I don't think I've seen them before feel you're so stupid you don't know that is I don't know what that is is it bocce ball or something like I have no idea anyways this dude is dominating I mean just dominating these these women I wrote a newspaper column about this is going to be out tomorrow we're gonna destroy women's sports did you know this as I've done research I actually written about this before I did find this out there have been close to a dozen battle of the sexes in tennis starting in eighteen eighty eight you know this and every one of them the guy obliterated the woman except for Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs and that's the only one you ever hear about did you know that Venus and Serena both were bragging about they could beat any guy in tennis so this dude who was ranked two hundred and third in the world challenges them the guy smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer when he walks up to the court take some on one by one beats both of man walks off of and they said we're we're never bring that up again did you know this you know Bobby Riggs got beat by Billie Jean King in nineteen seventy three did you realize it earlier that year he beat Margaret court she was ranked number one in the world nobody ever talks about the they only talk about no one where the dude got humiliated but my point on all this is there's a reason why we have women's sports and men's sports and I don't want to get in because yes some women get bent out of shape about it but it's just it's like this guy whatever whatever sport this is this guy's going to dominate he's about three or four times stronger he's much taller he's bigger broader all they do is throw the ball to him he throws in the navy kills everybody and then he'll probably win all sorts of awards and everything else and you know he'll probably gold medal somewhere in this sport because he's a guy and that's just the way it is guys generally are stronger and bigger than women I don't know if you've noticed that it's not always the case but it generally is the case and that's why we have women's sports men's sports let me ask you this how well do you think lebron James would do in the WNBA probably very well what if lebron well let's just take this list take some of the guys who didn't make the NBA how well do you think they do in the WNBA very well what if they all start deciding well one what's up with this why can I play in the WNBA and then they all play in the WNBA what happens to the women they don't play so this is the whole point about this we have women's sports in men's sports of separate for reason is because we love women's sports I mean think about this in college basketball if the guys went out for the women's team do you think they could be the women I think it's obvious what you're so sexist I'm just telling you the way it is I'm not this is not a sexist thing I'm trying to protect women's sports but we've got all these so called trans gender the by the way that such a moving target too it can be anybody who had it lopped off anybody who just likes to wear a skirt I mean it's a broad umbrella it's a big tent it includes anybody who quote unquote identifies as a woman and so you can have lebron James identify as a woman and going mop up in the W. NBA and then there won't be any W. NBA live it'll be just dudes and skirts but even on the court they're not in skirts are all wearing shorts so what is the matter I'm just telling you these people it it's the liberals pushing this and I I can't quite get my mind around what's going on other than they just love destroying social norms I think that's what it is and they run out of legitimate civil rights issues so now we're on the dudes in skirts PM in women's bathrooms.

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