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That got something percolating. Okay that's good. We've got We're gonna go to the lines right now. Tom and saint louis tom. Do you have a good memory for us. Yes i do. Bobby yes i do. I in fact. I'm going to give you a couple of You know the first thing. I i i wanna say is a memory as a child growing up at a little a little track where i went is they had a distance series and it started out at nine for long and every saturday night they would add an eighth of a mile. And i'm gonna tell a quick story. And if i'm too long guys telling me to wrap it up but you every week they would do this throughout the entire meet. Every saturday night it would be a raise. The trainers would get point but it was interesting that you see horses and with the exception of the marathon. You don't see horses on a regular basis riding on my three quarters two miles two and a half miles and i'm gonna talk about my father. My father was the head and the whole standings and everything like that. And it's a hall of famer. Dave gall store but long story short. My father at worst rent is rent. Two and a half miles. Put two horses in the race out of five soggy night dot it was. Foggy was in san francisco except we didn't have a good football team down just the big red at the time. Not the forty niners and literally when they run through. It was one of these nights. You couldn't be three feet in front of you. They decided to have the races. This is gonna be the last race. Was the six on the card. They weren't going to have the rest of it. They but they said the series. We're going to have the fathers horses. go out. you know and come by the stands the first time on a mile track and the second time and the third time. They came down the stretch. This horse the dave golf came out of nowhere and nip. My dad's source you'd on every step of the race. I the wire years later. Dave told my dad. You know what. I ducked down the three quarters shoot. After the first time we came around. I only read only random by one and a half but seeing these kind of things made the fans come out. You kinda got to know the horses. You got to know this whether it be a distance series or whether it be you know kind of these things where they raised every other week or whatever. They didn't have all we get in the van and go somewhere else. We don't we don't go to ellis to run the two mile race. We don't go to this. We don't go to that Literally you had that kind of thing. Another memory. That i had as a child growing up was always you. My dad took me to oak on every year for the arkansas derby and they wouldn't here had had a race. The arkansas derby was always the last race of the car. The last race of the me they had some race. Afterwards i remember. I think it was a contest that two guys that started off in a in a thing but they had to go out and do it. The half-mile pole jog or run in a foot ray. Half-mile of the people stood around and watch this race. And they kinda publicized that and while there was no para mutual betting. You could find a couple of a while. I'm going to bet on that guy in the red shirt and they bet because these guys were locally known. I don't wanna run track and field of where it was that but those are two memories you know. The other one is that i had grown up was on thanksgiving morning. You know going to the race track and you know you were done. By two o'clock they had eleven am post. It was an abbreviated car. But you were done by two. You can still go home and you know. Have a thanksgiving dinner at four o'clock or whatever mom stay home and cook while we all went to the track and when we were in college we really thought that was cool. You stay out late the wednesday before you get with your buddies and go to the track and you know maybe a little food to soak up the hangover have one beer before you went and spent time with the family things like that you get lost in this whole age of let better on our phone or let's have that you don't you lose that touch. I even remember churchill in the late nineties. Early two thousand opening day. You did a t shirt or they always had. Kind of a giveaway. You know to kind of make people come out and they had even the little handicapping seminar in the morning and on stephen foster day. The i'm not an autograph person but my former boss was and i drug him to the track for the first time so he could get the connections of the derby win. Smarty jones wanted he could get calvin autograph and the owners autograph and you went through the little table. And he looks at bought fifteen programs to go through the line fifteen times and get them you know. Get the get the items. Get the item sign and things like that. It just seemed there was a lot more personal touches on too long now. Tom i really appreciate it and thanks very much for your call. Those are all phenomenal memories. But we're up against the break ed. He specifically mentioned like the thanksgiving day in the early posts. You know this is something that a lot of tracks used to do. Hollywood park used to run like eleven or eleven thirty on that day and people could still get home and watch football and have thanksgiving dinner. Calder used to actually run on christmas day. They'd have the christmas day handicap. But you know when. I kind of went the way of the dodo with anyone running on christmas day. Now.

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