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Spotted right at the seventeen going to be close. Nothing to got it. Looks like the change of moving. So I down for Michigan with one seventeen and counting to go here in the first quarter trailing seventy three. This is exactly who wants to be a very balanced drive. So far for this trip? The red zone. Offense was horrific last week in the win over Indiana. They kicked six field goals. There's a first from the Ohio State seventeen under center. Patterson rolls out to his right rolling. Looking downfield still rolling and throws it but Higdon makes the catch might have got a yard. We'll see where they Markham sixteen yard line of Ohio State for one nice little play action right there. He wanted us. Big tight end Zach gentry in the corner of the endzone by the back pylon. Ohio State did a nice job of covering it up shape. Patterson checked it down for essentially gain, a one thirty seconds to go in the first quarter. Michigan huddling. Sixteen yards away from the end zone down seven to three. Break the huddle with fifteen to play clock. Twenty three seconds to go in the first quarter. Second down and nine two receivers to the left out of the people does moves to the end of the right side of the line. There's the snap read option give begged and cutting up the middle swaddled up. It'll be taken down at the fourteen yard load of Ohio State a gain of three on the final play of the first quarter. So Michigan is in the red zone trailing. This one seven two three college football ESPN radio is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One? And a after one in Columbus, Ohio state, seven Michigan three this is college football on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by Dr Pepper. Getting knocked down on the football field makes you tough. But getting back up makes you tougher at Goodyear, we call that determination a willingness to put in more hours more reps and more heart to reach a bar that's sky high because the Goodyear blimp doesn't show up for just anybody. So don't be just anybody. Blimp worthy. Hear more driven. So I got a repel time bike, and he got me a Palatine. She still has no idea so obvious, right? I mean, she may have dropped a hint her tail she loves to your workouts that I just don't have time to get there. It's got all kinds of classes, endurance, rides thirty minute pop rides country. His thing not. Hi, I'm definitely writing to. I guess he can write a tale. This holiday give the perfect gift for them. And you give the gift of peleton at one peleton dot com..

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