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At this episode on both levels of the province that she's doing here She's just really really God. That whole scene with her with what work was really really good. I was very dismayed when he came back when he was gone. We don't have to deal with him anymore. Yeah but the ways in the Wayne wish that they needed him to make her whole again like even McCullough holy. I thought was like I'll that's kind of neat though. I like how they're doing all the mirror powers because as someone who really likes mirror master is like just a power set. What they're doing the season with that character in with the concept I think is working really. Well that whole thing with the mirrors falling stabbings stuff. It was really good but also just stab him. Yeah you WanNa you WanNa you know you wanted to like just really just kind of you. WanNa make it cool working tate and just thinking of like it's just GonNa make such a mess is GonNa make a mess. But they don't have to grill yeah Okay over the good fight we have the gang gets call from HR which is which is fine. We get some delightful guest cast. I wanted to visibly mention Andrian of innovative who courses traffic on gyda virgin or was designated. Virgin I hope that we're going to get more for the season but I kind of think we aren't and it's a shame because they gave her nothing to do like even she's on the stand twice in her episodes and she says the exact same because they asked the same questions she says the exact same thing at least like give her anything to see. 'cause now she's an established character. They're not going to get a different. She's not going to get different character. She can play in this universe. And it's a shame in Israel shame And I do think this is probably. We're going to see her. Because of the memos six six hundred steps really taking off in this episode Which show so weird but I think that I think that the whole thing with her character's very much done because it's the inciting incident and it's a real shame because she's really good at obviously But I I'll be really curious if she remains a through. I'll be surprised if she remains through that kind of propels. Any of this forward because it gives them a good pro bono fighting for the little person narrative to run against this whole the rich. Have this weird memo. That influences the judicial system federal level Which yes obviously. But also I think that tracking that will give them something. New grounded but also. The fight doesn't do grounded So I'll be curious to see what they managed to if they manage to weave anything going forward mostly. I was just delighted by how confused Louis Canning seemed because he never get to see Louis Canning confused by something and he seems Kerr Flint and I like that Watching him just go. I don't have a docket number because the case doesn't exist but also I was here for that case that existed but I don't I can't prove it anymore and it's such a camping trip for him because that's the kind of reality is Nile. Stuff he used to do all the time on Good wife so yeah How did you feel about like the ramping up of? And how did you feel about the larger reparations conversation that we wanted to have I think that the I enjoyed that part of the episode and I enjoyed how I particularly enjoyed the resolution of never mind by Which does feel very appropriate such a frank and EMC thing though. Yeah Yeah that feels right. It's like let's start a Hornet's nest and then decide. Oh this thing that you told us that we didn't want because you didn't think we were wanted honest answers and you said you wanted us dancers and so then we Over this thing and start a difficult conversation you said you wanted and neglect. But it's an se by Yeah that fell just right. I thought the way that they handled especially the partners reactions to everything Works Nicely and adding David. Lead to that kind of that kind of scene is just really nice but at the same time like his whole about how it sooner. Cut My own risks than go to. Hr voluntarily is just pure. David Lee had no he now no He just be so upset. What did you think about that? And then you works relatively well and I liked the fact that they allowed a lot of cross talk and like conversation kind of occur both on a political level also on a bike. This is not something that we should be expected to do at work. Which I thought was a really important thing to like. Push to the forefront of that kind of unduly expectations that was being put upon them to do this Labor for the DNC which has his own like whole other thing that feeds into that narrative. If you're tapped into water political structure about the Democratic Party Center Center and I think that all of that when you have that context and then it gets baked in to the fact that they're asking black people at their jobs to take time away from their jobs to solve this problem more them. I think it's really really good and really really interesting So I really appreciate like how that was woven throughout so it worked really well for me as did Marissa yelling at Frank As soon as he came out of the elevator. We're never going to get Alan Cumming. Come back so we're just GONNA have Sarah Steele Yell at this man every time. I'm very here for it as speaking of Sarah Style. Would you think of Caleb? It's such a good meat. Cute peeling Rudy Bega you ever Tobago.

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