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Maybe what we're going through now. Which is such a painful experience that people will realize that the common enemy is the virus non each other. We're in this together and the only way we're going to conquer this virus is by working together. Would that everyone agreed on that tonight. Hospitals across states like florida and texas are overwhelmed with patients yet to stay on brand and be cheered by the maga- base. A lot of republican politicians are anti massacres in effect even while their own constituents die the atlantic's adam serwer sums it up this way quote. Something is wrong. When an extreme primary electorate has such a stranglehold on texas state of twenty nine million people that a public official believes it is against his interest to take basic steps to keep his own constituents alive so back with us tonight. David plus former obama campaign manager and senior adviser to the president also member of the board of directors of the obama foundation and mark mckinnon former advisor to both george w bush and john mccain. He is among the co host of the circus on showtime and mark. indeed. I'd like to begin with you. Is it a sustainable brand. What fred wellman of. The lincoln project calls this ghoulish. Musk no masks. No problem science. Be damned as long as these republican. Governors don't pass off the mega base. Well it's a huge dice roll. That's playing with human lives. brian The the reality here is that the measures that were being asked to take now which is wearing masks and and mandating vaccines. Some cases are precisely because of republican effort. Maga- efforts don trump supporters efforts to defy those the reason we have surge in in the delta. Ns is because people did get back scenes or they wouldn't wear maso the kinds of things that that Health officials are asking us to do or simply basic safety measures and the irony is a republican governors. Like texas and florida are doing exactly the opposite of what republican orthodoxy generally ask for which is to let local jurisdictions handle their own business. That's republican That's the way republicans normally government let you let locals make their own decisions so it's up down down as up. It's kind of alice in wonderland. I worry that that the republican party becoming sort of the the grand ole pandemic party now by embracing the pandemic is sort of dan. The consequences of the health problems. David bluff. I want to play for you. The latest from governor disentis in florida will discuss these remarks on the other side. I think the non pharmaceutical interventions. We've seen Member we were promised they would end the pandemic lockdown school closures mandates. And it just hasn't done. This is a very transmissible. Virus cove is going to go away. We're gonna future trends. That just natural. So david as i keep pointing out this guy went to harvard and yale so maybe the coin a phrase he does think we're stupid Is how much is this. The actions of these republican governors going to actually set back the public health. Fight against a pandemic brian enormously. So i mean we have selfishness in stupidity and sabotage coursing through many state houses in the country. So first of all you know. You can't think of anything. Worse tickling executive a governor romero president then till willfully allow your citizens to die. That's what's happening. We're all gonna pay a price for it by the way With additional healthcare costs and things like maths mandates and private-sector vaccine mandates. But the politics of this to puzzling so listen let's look iran to santa's he's kind of the new thing for twenty twenty four. Maybe he runs. And maybe he'll run for president and say i defied asked mandates i think donald trump won the election. I wasn't sure the vaccines really worked. and he win the primary. But two-thirds of the country. I guess is by the end of the year will be north of seventy seventy five percent of people are vaccinated. They want this pandemic to be over. So yeah the tragedy is in most places around the world. They look at this and they can't imagine what's happening here in america. We have more vaccines than we need. And we can't get people to take them and in most of the world You know they'd all sign up to take vaccines tomorrow they could so it's a tragedy. This is a this was. This is extending. The pandemic is a man made disaster by certain republican politicians. Who wanna beat their chest in the cause of freedom but it's killing. Our economy is killing people. Listen to iceland mississippi. I believe that was pearl valley. Central high school. Forty percent of their students are now in quarantine. They're going back to virtual. This is going to happen all over the southern states. Unfortunately we know what's going to happen. It's happening in slow motion unfortunately and mark. It's a perverse business. But perhaps the clearest way to say it is this you've got state and local officials who are defined their governors in order to save lives in their states. Well they're defying a gar- because they're their i were business is to do the job. They were hired to do which is to protect health and education of their constituencies and the governors are asking them to to defy their mission their fundamental mission which is to educate children and keep our keep patients safe. And the governor's asked him to do that. so i i understand why they're defying the orders and i suspect and again it's it's so hypocritical. Republicans to say we're gonna you weren't a mandate this. They're mandating for their mandating. What you can or can't do. They're the ones mandating right And again it's it's so opposite of what the general of republican approaches to governing which is local allow local control. So i think it's a i think it's a very unfortunate situation with with real life consequences. David mentioned incredible Times were incredible story. We're covering here. David mark both agreed to stay with us coming up the persistent pernicious and lingering influence of the only twice impeached retiree.

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