Is the heart of the Democratic Party will be back here to beat it back tomorrow at nine. See of them.


Is covert rises in all 50 states. President Trump Questions to Georgia recount Residents flee New York and record numbers. New Jersey Bracing for recreational marijuana, San Francisco Poised to find cigarette smokers in their own homes, also ahead. What will Donald Trump do next? But first cases of covert now spiking everywhere passing 11 million in the USA, the CDC confirming nearly 200,000 new infections just last Thursday, one day. Michigan governor Wittmer shutting down sessions of her state for three weeks, at least, But there is some good news, the pharmaceutical company Moderna Announcing a vaccine that works and 95% of tests that should be out before the end of the year. President Trump dismissing the Georgia vote recount is a scam. Mr. Trump claims the balance a riddle with fraudulent signatures and are only being counted because of public pressure.

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