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Cates. Here's KYW's Lauren Lipton. We celebrate two holidays this week Earth Day and on Friday Arbor day, and we have a very important tree growing here in Philadelphia, which has quite a history the moon tree is here in Washington square in one thousand nine hundred seventy one Stuart roosa was part of a mission to land on the moon. The forest service asked if he would help with an experiment. Susan Aiden says in Stoorikhel landscape architect, and says the experiment was to collect seeds and take them up into space the seeds worse. Excessively germinated a grown into seedlings. The first tree was planted in Washington square to celebrate the nineteen seventy six bicentennial the tree that is now in Washington square is not the original treatment. Just don't seem to thrive here. So what we've done is to make a clone of the original tree of behalf. Doors finale chief of cultural resources says keeping the moon tree alive is an effort of love, our friend. We wanted to flourish when I was in grade school, I wrote a play called moon tree for Arbor day. I got an A for imagination because at that time. No, one realized how close we were to going to the moon much less bringing back trees to plant on earth. That's positively Philadelphia. I'm Lauren Lipton. I'm sure Lauren got as and everything. Anyway. It's the adorable yoga class that can really alpaca paunch. I'm Andrew Kramer..

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