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Catches. It takes it back to the center Jump circle waits for screen from Griffin takes the left side of the floor into the corner. Driving to the paint by Johnson through the lane to the right side of the four. Keeping the dribble alive. Shot clock it. 10 bounced down No to put out a Carter. He spends up and under move, Banks it off the glass, No good, too hard rebound taken by Grand Griffin. He gathers himself, and his shot is blocked off for Brian Griffin out of bounds to go back to Toledo. Remember today Brian Griffin is doing a good job going to the offensive glass. Now that makes sense. They had the scoreboard, right, 12 or 11 that didn't look right. That was probably the discussion. Xavier only has eight points just to be clear with the score. Toledo has 18 so it's 18 to 8. That's what they stopped playing prior for full court pressure by Xavier here Well, 22 plays in the first hand rounds with the basketball trapped Who's Oh, within 15. Ft. Fakes his shots that kicks it to the other side and throws it. Dishonors who drives and misses are Runner, no good rebound taken by the Musketeers. Across the time line is owed him. He throws it up in the air, and it basically an easy steal for Ronald's. Nobody was there. Rollins drives and scores with his left hand lay up on the left side. Totem drove the right side of the floor and threw it where Xavier player They had been in the top of the key say we're still looking for their first three pointer of the game favorite trailing 20 Day, 11 43 to play Johnson with the top of the key holder most Hates Kiki Tandy. He drives in hangs reverse layup stores found on the play. Keep handy with a nice, long jump under the basket, drove on the left side floated under the string's finished with the reverse right hand layup. And Xavier trails by 10 20 to 10 with 11 35 blade and picking dandy foul on the play Time out's been called Mrs Xavier. Basketball Somewhere Field I MG College on 700 wlw. That Guy's co birdlife.

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