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Help. As the first anniversary of Russia's invasion and war approaches Ukraine says Russia has now launched a major new wave of aerial attacks with more on that. The BBC's David Harper. Explosions have been heard in the Russian occupied city of Mele topol in southern Ukraine, a Russian appointed official said Ukrainian armed forces had targeted the city using multiple launch rocket systems, but air defenses had destroyed most of the missiles. The Ukrainian mayor of Melissa said the city was trembling from strong explosions on Friday evening several Ukrainian regions issued alerts about incoming Russian drones. Back here from Memphis word of a new lawsuit for alleged police misconduct by a man jailed after a violent encounter with the same 5 police officers who now face criminal charges in the death of Tyree Nichols. Internal disciplinary documents obtained by CBS News reveal more about the officers encounter with Nichols. Dmitri is Haley can be heard shouting that Nichols tried to grab one of the officer's guns. Justin Smith and Darius bean are accused of punching nickel several times and holding his arms while other officers assaulted him. Smith was the only officer to defend his actions on the record, stating that he prompt Nichols up against the squad car after the violent struggle so he could breathe better and called for medical assistance. I had a CBS News correspondent Elise Preston and at The White House on Friday there was a meeting of President Biden and the president of Brazil, they were comparing notes on how the two EU American democracies were tested in recent riots following elections contested by the losers with false claims. This is CBS News Four O three on Saturday morning. February 11th, it's 45°. Good morning, I'm Dan Ronan on the overnight shift. It's our final hour together the top local stories we're following this hour here on WTO P as CBS and we've been reporting all week. There's been that terrible, deadly earthquake in turkey and Syria. Well, Friday night in D.C., there was a service to honor those people who died. People held hands, voice prayers, lit candles, and looked for comfort

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