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I'm not telling you you what to wear and it was this whole thing of just you know a lot of people on the toxic head of jim. Talk are very very judgy. There know it's more on like i'm here to make fun of how you look rather than No help you focus on. What want to change. Sorry i have like a brain fart there. That's why i went really quite for second. But rather than focus on what you want to change and overall like i'm jim talk is such a very very Iffy topic seem like it but a lot. If you talk to the people of the community can you always get like some sort of different size on it and I swear it puts out there. A lot of people lake tend to mess with jim. Talk and like make fun of it just because of like you know you look at it from point of view of like say someone who likes to likes Listen to music or you know. Maybe they're more in their astral sign Side of you know. And they'll be like. Why do people care about these numbers. Like you know to fifteen to lift weights and put it back down blah blah blah like. What's so special about that and like these are hobbies and these are things that people like to do. And i don't understand why people tend to hate on it because you know groups like they're things like would you hate is basically like that one phrase. Why would you hate from the outside of the club. You can't even get in. Because like if i'm making fun of someone for what they like. What am i doing there. I'm just being a hater like granted. There are things like there are inappropriate like you should not like what it was like a hobby or Or something you wanna pursue like. You should not be hating others for what they wanna do. Like i don't. I never really understood why like the whole leg. Jim bro thing ga to hate gets a lot of hate from people who don't even go to the gym that sense like you just bring stuff up and down your lifting weights blah like. Yeah but we're doing it. Because i thought we were and also enjoy working out and you know. Sometimes it's like maybe like what's funny. I saw him gone a little tangent here. But it's crazy me like buell bully someone to not work out or pupil. People will believe the people working out but they don't like the. The problem is like what reasons why people are working out like you could be someone for working out and making fun of their hobby. But maybe that person who gameboy goes to the gym. Because it's a way to relieve stress or relieving society or depression because like mental health. And and and jim coincide you know they they really do help Mentally it's a way to relieve stress. And again i never really understood why. Jim talk or non Like but overall the jim bro. People get a lot of heat online for doing what they like like. I'm not gonna make fun of. Someone likes anime if they enemy. They'll like anime. I think it's pretty cool. That you a passion for these things if you like astral signs schulenberg jokes but you know if you wanna believe in that you can believe like. I'm not going to bully someone in to make him like hate what they like to do. Because and that's what really the is at this point like you know. Sometimes there are bullied wherever you go like. There's a cyber bully. Wherever you go. And i again like i don't really think like again is internet. You can't control everyone else but it's so interesting to see how immediately as soon as you step on the the internet as a physical world physical planet as soon as you step on it. There's always going to be some sort of hate wherever you go like. Someone will be hitting on whatever just because they wanna hate on it. And it just baffles me. Like you really don't like i think he's also because they don't understand what's the hype over overlake. People tend to hate things that they don't understand in. You know if that's like the best way to explain it like you have the that's why random things too like. They don't understand it selects if you have a non gym goer make fun of people that go to gyms. Because they don't know the the true essence survey the the importance of the ges and same thing like you know some people might think enemy looks funny like you're growing at like you're a grown adult and you're watching enemy but in it looked silly from the outside but once you fully understand the culture and the history behind it and in storylines in the player. Whatever like you will fully understand that. It's actually a great thing. And i i don't know i'm gonna tangerine out but it's just it's crazy. I think it's went on like a random like tangent. Just talking about was supposed to be talking about jim talk but now i'm talking about like people's perception of things which is pretty cool but again i don't i don't really know but i don't wanna go to four and i was gonna and right here but yeah duffy. Jim talk and see how you get an impression of it and let me know We it's been part of this segment. We're just gonna go onto something else a little bit and my next segment which was just talking about tweets talking to twitter again. It's one of my everything to do on his podcast and on. It's it's a great. We'd.

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