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Going to be more of that but but you know there was saved from it because of that. I didn't go on. But that's my. That's my take on on great showtime show. One of the things you mentioned during that rant was about with regards to baseball and a no hitter. And i just want to take a minute to give a shout out and see if you happen to see this kid tyler. Gilbert for the diamondbacks made his professional baseball professional. Pitching debut is. I start ever and throws a no hitter. That's the way to come out. That's the wettest started to career right. I mean bow best part about it during cove it. He was like down on his luck bouncing around the minors doing electrical work with his dad. His dad was in the stands. Going crazy was the highlight of the show. Awesome story relations so awesome. That is a great story. That's why you never give up. Never give up dreams. Never give against san diego padres who are role in strong. So congratulations tyler gilbert. Let's get to the zone card on the undercard of the mean machine was in action against virgil ortiz. Who single handedly saving golden boy in my opinion but on the undercard we had the Alvarado twins rene felix felix gets the Tko stoppage to fifty of the first round against vows quiz. Would you think on that one. Now as you said this is on zone and the only reason i wanted to touch on the undercard because we could have went right to the main event but first of want to cover as much the weekend for the fight fans out there. So on the undercard you had felix alvarado world champion. He's thirty seven and two with thirty two knockouts at pretty good. He's a world champion and you had them. Fight allows minute replacement take was allows minute replacement. Believe it was but either way you had them fight israel vasquez now vaz's questions thirty four years old and he's ten five and two and he's lost five of his last six fights and out of those losses the only one that a one out of those fights only one that he did win was to a nine and twenty two fighter. I so the point. I'm making is. He doesn't belong in a frequent ring. And this is what bothers me. This is where you get injuries and god forbid fatalities way. You have mismatch people. And i've talked about this on other podcasts. Not that long ago. Ken where what are we have commissions for why we have commissions that quite often a paid their salaries by us the tax pays. Why do we have commissions if they can't commission properly if you can't know enough to say hey as as thirty four years old ten five and two five. Who's last guy. Pete was nine and twenty. Two shouldn't be fighting. Feel example rondo world champion. Thirty seven to thirty. Two knockouts shouldn't be happening. Sparks and lex box wreck. Has it wrong. He lost to the nine and twenty two. Miguel del via any any beat. Oh nine into louis quinta box. No you're right. He gave one hundred percent. Right is one of his wins was to a guy who has a one so listen the people getting the point out there were making. I mean how does this guy get in a ring with somebody as good as phil alvarado and what happens well. Do i have to tell you the rest. You don't like i said to you before you don't have to be the mason credit to know what's common he got knocked out in one round down one round. I mean again. This is where we get this when we get problems is where we get. Injuries is where we get people hurt. It's a tough enough. Sports inherently dangerous. But you don't need to be putting guys in to fight with top fighters when they don't belong in there. You don't need to do that. We gotta be better. And this is what i screamed about all those years on. Espn none of the reason why. I'm not qualified. But i was trying to protect the fighters helped sport. And you know the great my friend to great lady bird sugar used to say teddy. Boxing keeps giving himself so many black guys. They are now the cyclops and he that line with bert sugar. The late grade bird sugar. He he was he was right on the money. Right on the money. I mean like boxing has keeps shooting herself in the foot. I mean rarely. You'll put great fights on the great fans you guys will be there because you love to sport as i loved the sport but we don't love this part of it. We don't love when administrators twin executives screw up and administrators throat up and when the alphabet organizations corrupted and when commissions don't behave like commissions. We don't love that part of it. We don't because that part rules to support endangers sport cripples the sport hurts the fighters. So it hurts you guys too so i just had to say that. That's why brought that up. And then his brother has brother fought raja. Gutierrez ford gutierrez. I believe it was a trilogy. So let me give my breakdown of that fight because it was co feature it did did go twelve rounds and first of all. I want to give credit. I wanna give credit. Because i knocked the crap out of people when i think they should be knocked the crap out of and i i will hold them. Hi.

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