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Kiss. Swear doc ooh pearl or the line more faith remix cited. Oh bob a tuna of a like oh fortuna from carmina brenna opera which are used as my entrance theme forbid as roger clemens and alanis morissette with baba just slam together. And before that. This week's nacho fact you're listening to a wrestling with fan will mercury rony during rust right here on paramedic and via other podcast distributing methods like stitcher and iheartradio and i tunes and stuff like that now time for the streetfight from an undisclosed location two sides of same coin. Wb hall of famer staying and tnt. Champion derby ellen took team as his ultimate muscle if t. w. champ The machine brian cage and absolute rookie shirks. There was an old ring. Set up in a warehouse sting pulled up in a black pickup truck blasting darby's theme from dixit deck. I suit was it as exotic. Did they actually show specifically. I never really noticed. I mean i heard the music. But i wasn't sure if it was anyway Ellen held onto the back of the truck riding his skateboard. The ring was surrounded by dwellers wearing masks and black hoodies the wb hall of famer splash turks and gave him to sink. Is cage tried to power rum derby but the tnt champion fought off chop blocking the machine sting stock rookie with baseball bat. You're nothing about baseball. Bat said stark's and the stinger looked at the bat and threw it away. He stumps stark down onto the dirty concrete floor. Brian hosted derby for a vertical suplex. Walking up their case and then dropped him onto a trash can distinguish came derby allen's aid and gave him enough time to reload with a shotgun. Dropkick murky hit staying with a steel beam. Sting is paying too hard way now. Said taza on commentary. He can't keep darby ellen down man. The most resilient wrestler learned world today at a tony shirvani darby smashed a glass bottle overhead. O'brien cage Then to size of the same coin smashed the f. t. w. champion through a table. Derby seemed like a man possessed. Jim ross is derby clubbed away at stark's with strikes powerhouse. Hobbs and hoc ambush darby. Brian cage rammed the wb hall of famer and to a brick wall. That's four on one right now. Said surani cajun. Hobbs swung derby and released him through a pane of glass. Bryan hayes hit staying between the shoulder. Blades with shovel darby called sting and through his black basal back down to him. The wb hall of famer broke dealer on basal bad across cages. Back Darby allin hit a diving elbow from the balcony onto cage and then both crash down to the floor beneath them. Ricky starks use a mule kicked on ding. He tried for power bomb but the stinger escaped almost going to pan on stark's sting blocked a back elbow and then used the scorpion death. Drop to score the pinfall. The stinger is done at longside. Darby allin said jim ross. One hell of a fight says shirvani test armed off the broadcast table. And you know. I have to assume he had a few choice. Words for team has after that. Maybe he went so far as say survive. If i let you survive why just victim.

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