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All right i'm just going to say a few words you tell me what first comes to your mind. Parrots favorite golf course probably concessions in in florida that was played it Only played at once but challenging in absolutely beautiful yeah. I've heard i've heard that actually concession. Yeah i've never played it will now obviously haven't but you know yeah Beautiful of course they have the Why don't they still do the trying to bear for for a while. The final suck Yeah absolutely beautiful course in very challenging all right favorite. Nhl moment Probably the rangers and game seven mandar nice with tampa and the conference. Final that sick. Yeah that's awesome so i got traded. Obviously the following year we went to the conference finals game says and you know at the garden where i grew kind of grew up so Not get win and go on and stanley cup finals. Every special moment with decade medicare just thinking about everything. Right all right i know. Jt mentioned guinness. But what your drink of choice. Drink of choice. How you know. That's a tough one. Because i i'm literally i go from wine. Beer vodka tequila. I'm i'm all over the board. So i don't i i'm not. I'm not picky when it comes to my booth. As long as it's wet right exactly do it. You know if. I'm having they stay geragos line if you know if i'm gonna turn up a bit maybe a little if you love but from outside grilling i need to hear all right. Well what about. What about on the golf course. What are you drinking on the golf course. Every drinking beer usually yeah. Yeah yeah definitely definitely appear on the course. Yes i've been on a transfusion kick. Dal- dallas definitely a hockey players response. Well like tequila the wine the drinks. Whatever you're throwing meal that's it all right last one. What's in the bag. What's what are you playing your golf bag driver. Three would wedges i got px He actually everything right now. I got got bit by them. A couple of years ago down in florida and i enjoyed them so from drivers down to my wedges is all px right now. They've built a nice brand there that's for sure. Their first driver was not good. I see nothing like ten. I'm like what the hell is happening with my hidden driver. One hundred and seventy yards. Pass me. I'm like this thing is not actually won the one club my bag. I've debated twitching a couple times out. So like i could be in the market. Yeah well i keller made him yes. That's stupid good rating We talk about all the time and we'll talk about it again. It's the best. What are you gonna maybe. Maybe you're swaying me. Go shut up shop right now. There you go well listen man. I appreciate you jumping on here and having a little thirty six minute. Banner talk about golf and and you know your charity and olympics. I mean you had a lot of good good things in your career. You were chasing birdies as we say and i wish you the best of luck now as you you know potentially switch over to the next chapter your career..

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