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Tom slash podcasts. Okay. Let's get to the chart chat. The the meat of the matter the Turkey as you will the main course, actually, no this is more like the appetizer because we're rolling up to bigger things in the show. That's right. Christmas music is obviously the main course, right? So this this is more of just the the aperitif when you walk in. You're giving a glass of bubbly, and perhaps you pigging a blanket. Yes, that's the classy combo. I up country singer songwriter. Cain Brown earns his first number one album on the billboard two hundred chart as his second full length studio effort experiment bows in the top slot. The set starts with hundred and twenty four thousand equivalent album units earned in the weekend in November fifteenth. According to Nielsen music now of that some one hundred and five thousand were in album sales. I experiment is just the third country album to reach number one on the all genre billboard two hundred chart in two thousand eighteen you could on a quiz, Katie here. I think I could have gotten them. Well, they're right in front of me now right in front of you. Now, it's never know. Well, those at home you can play along quick ticket. Guess I'll give you five seconds. Imagine. It's one man and one woman Philip. That's a good hint. That almost sounds like a country song one man one woman one managers. One woman leaves. I don't know what the. It's a special country story about transitioning. No too soon. Sorry. Well Cain follows Carrie Underwood's cry pretty and Jason aldean's rear view town last year. There was only four country albums at number one. And all of them came in the last four months of the year. Well, Thomas Rhett, Schneider twain, Kenny Chesney, and Luke Bryan are are. They just capitalizing that big like thanksgiving Christmas album sale will K ration- Keane's album came out to capitalize. I think sort of on kind of all interest around the CNA awards. He was a presenter on the show. I don't know why he didn't perform I almost feel like he must have turned them down. Because there's no chance they didn't ask the man who was the like presumptive number one album in the country. Seems like there's a chance maybe he felt like maybe they didn't ask or maybe they were gonna give him one of those lame side stage performances. And it was like, yeah. No. Yeah. No, something it's like, I get to sing one versus someone else's song. Exactly. Coming up after the break. That's that's not how Cain that was the Laura Elena impression because that's what she got. She sang she saying one verse of Dottie west. On right coming up. Yeah. And then had to like do their, you know, teleprompter. You know, whatever imagine that conversation. It's like we'd like you perform in the show. But this is all we're giving you I think that she's like a team player in his like, whatever you want and just goes for it came around like y'all I'm came Brown. One of the number one album in the US now. All right. Yeah. No, all right. Next up the Beatles. Self titled album often referred to as the white album reenters. The billboard two hundred at number six following its fiftieth anniversary reissue on November ninth. The set climbs back onto the tally with sixty three thousand units earned up just fifteen hundred percent of which fifty two thousand were in traditional album sales, and that's up five thousand five hundred ninety six percent. So basically sold nothing the previous week..

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