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Air filling approximate value in every state. Fuck. Fourth radio. The Jason Smith show with Mike Harmon live from the farmers Insurance Studios. And while yes, Shawn watching drama still is front page front burner news. We had a new entrance it Hey, hang on A second has shown Watson We got something for you. When today we're starting to see the market developed with specific teams regarding Matthew Stafford, who the Lions have resolved to trade sometime the next couple of weeks and, according to ESPN. Matthew Stafford considers the Rams a contender in his trademark it Now you know the Rams. They hate Jared Golf. They would love to get rid of him. But if they cut him it's $65 million in dead cat money this year, Okay, so that's not happening if you treat you good. It betrayed him. It's going to cost you $22 million, which is not that big a deal when you consider cutting in the 65 million, so they're not cutting him. When I said the other night. This would I need to apologize for. I said No one's trading for Jared Golf. Look at that contract. Are you kidding? Plus he stunk for the last two years? Who the hell is going to trade for Jared Goff? I forgot. I forgot. The lions are still in the NFL. I admit Mike that was that's completely on me. I forgot that the Lions were there, and you know what? When I looked at the 32 teams, I think I just went over the Lions and I missed their name and I forgot. Oh, yes, The Lions could go out and make a ridiculous trade on trade. Matthew Stafford, a charity golf back if lesson he could pull this off. He's the general manager of the decade and we're only in 2021. If you can find a team to take Jared Goff in that contract for the next couple of years, and a guy that's not been good in three years. Wow, that is some kind of wizardry and sorcery. Yeah, he's already been doing things with the salary cap that really defy. A logic and what we presumed to be the rules of engagement related to this salary cap, because, even in talking about Jared Golf, and just where they are, salary cap wise, right, he talked a little bit like a wizard like a guy who had some extra knowledge of the loopholes Kind of like Bill Belichick when he walks around with the rule book. He knows what the words on the in and really mean in the whole rule book that nobody else seems to less deed seems to have the magic touch when it comes to salary cap. Azaz. You know, we've talked about this a little bit with Jared Gulf, its theme. Can you Whoever is going to take him on and trade Rand. You're gonna have to either have already restructured this deal, or they're just gonna have to eat a bunch of that cash. Kind of like the era nado deal going to ST Louis. All right, we're gonna also gonna give you $50 million, and that's just the way this thing Only way This is gonna work. He wants out. We're done with this and well, there's the Dodgers, and now we're chasing both the Dodgers and the Padres. So this doesn't work. So I think it's all the it comes down to how much of that money are they willing to swallow? In this process to bring Stafford in because there were reports right people trying to hype up Denver or some of these other place where maybe there's already built team to come in and compete and like, Well, no, he doesn't want to go there. He doesn't want to go where it's cold. And the West Coast is looking pretty good s O between the 40 Niners and the Rams. Those would appear to be two of the destinations that Matthew Stafford's eager to check out Chris Burke, Our buddy he writes for the athletic, now in in Detroit. Said. Quote. I hope we find out Clayton Kershaw leaked. The Stafford ran's rumor. You know, it's funny, you said, because the one thing to not ignore here is, as you said, is the relationship between the lines and the range of the GM. Brad Homes, you know, being a longtime Rand executive gets the job the salary cap thing. It's still just stuns me that a team can say Yeah, we'll take on this kind of money for Jared Golf. I mean, I get I get that when you have a young quarterback who was a number one pick, But have you seen him play in the last coming here is a team that knows him better than anybody in the Rams, and they want him gone so much with all this money, they are ready to kick him out. Because they don't think he can be the guy and and suddenly you think you're gonna It's gonna work in Detroit with him. Wow. I don't know, man. Wow, but I apologize. I said they're not trading but I forgot the lines were in the NFL. That's on me. I failed you coming up next A speaking of failure. Do we have an NFL press conference? You've got a year. That does learning a language feel like this. No, I'll blast manual real. It's hablo. It's all blow when you learn a language you want to actually use it. Babble is designed with that goal.

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