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What i'm hearing. Is you sound excited about what excites you about this. It's it's the idea that we are on the cusp of like really making a difference in in the cost estimating world period not like in. We're not making you really big in hoodie dean about that though. Why do you. Why do you personally want to be a part of that. I really like being partisan way bigger than myself and having a heavy hand in creating that okay and this is like the excitement of it like i leave meetings receiving no revenue like almost clicking my heels knowing that this guy gave me some information. That is so important that it can that. I can now articulate to everyone else in the industry to see if it sticks even if even if it sticks like sometimes it doesn't stick but sometimes you get information somebody who's willing to to put put their their business critical workflows out there to you right. 'cause that's sensitive information sensitive information but like once. They understand legitimate. Trying to help me help. I'm trying to help and i understand your spreadsheets important. But how can i work with you to make sure your spreadsheet doesn't doesn't completely change in order to fit nor system so that's huge hurdle right so get that out of the way done and then from there. It's like okay. Let's let's all these problems. We're where do you see this problem like identifying together. Whatever people don't even know that they have a problem. They're not that that's what you call someone who's not an early adopter dobbin newness for years. We don't use okay. I mean you can't you can't force these types of conversations right i. It really takes a an understanding of the the right type of person who can understand this as an issue. Even though it's you know is the way it's always been done. Let's dance dance. You're kind of. You're kind of being like the whole therapist right there. You're like not thank you have a problem. Let's talk about your your what's going on your process and it's a problem. I like to go in and go through not just the process. We're trying to solve but let's look at your processes and let's collectively identify where there might be sticking points. And when was the last time you did that and i like i don't know like well don't you think it's a good exercise. In fact today. I had a four hour meeting where the company to do exactly that and there was all directors president was there and we collectively were able to identify issues within the workflow that we can fix and that we're not working on but it's great to identify those things so that it's something that they can they can explore with even if it's not with us so that that part is really exciting to me is to open when you open the books and you have that. Trust the relationship to say. Hey let's let's dig into this and if there's nothing they're fine.

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