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Do know battle. Ready discussion of not being able to sleep went very well jim. Even though we couldn't get phone calls on you'd brilliantly with email is he always really thank god for email. We're gonna for the email okay and thank god for you guys listening to another addition to boston celtics beaming travel without you. No question about that tomorrow. It'll be joined by china's kazaric. Our sports wiz tech writer and not go go business com. Surely the young would a great piece globes. They would talk about tomorrow about where the money came from in this race regarding the business community. Run thank our crew chelsea murs knowing matthews in commie kency farkas and rebecca tauber. Our engineer is john. The club parker off site engineer is dave. Goldstein was on tv jam. Roll a couple of things one more hill. He's going to join me. We're gonna talk almost exclusively in fact exclusively about all the issues that flow from the texas abortion antiabortion law I think you know there's litigation department of justice more healy as co chair of the national attorney general association. They're involved a lot of things. Plug lead spring court to with her. And secondly we're gonna talk about the incredible hearing in front of congress where these courageous women who were abused molested assaulted by larry nassar and completely abused in other ways by the fbi and the olympic committee gave their testimony. I'm gonna be joined by a former olympian olympic rower. And a woman who used to work for the fbi. She's a lot of investigations but again a former prosecutor former fbi person who we'll talk about whether there are other people should be indicted or at least investigates that's all time credible senate seven o'clock. I'm jim geraghty. Thanks again for tuning in today. Hope how can tune in tomorrow afternoon..

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