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Look into all these complaints they know it's guaranteed I mean for heaven's sakes we're in constant touch with these banks here call Miami Dade police department feeling the effects of the corona virus but they're not strained at this time we have eighteen officers are quarantining thirteen civilian employees and we have to have tested positive and those two officers or quarantine or doing good police director Freddie Ramirez says his officers are taking their temperatures and abiding by social distancing knowing this fight is going to be a marathon not a sprint Broward sheriff says they've had twenty confirmed cases with about two hundred self isolating across the sheriff's office and fire rescue some have returned to duty some local leaders upset over governor Rhonda sat this is second signed order on Wednesday forcing local governments to follow the state's shut down order to the letter opening the door to resuming activity cities and counties have banned the order which requires Floridians to stay at home until April thirtieth supersedes all local shelter in place restrictions by exempting religious services congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says regardless of the order church in temple services should be streamed online I really don't think that religious institutions should be needing an person out right now until the how of the company by service tell us that it is state governors senators says he doesn't think the government has the authority to close churches and he's not going to do it if your pantry he is starting to get empty farm shares ready to help tomorrow from ten until one there will be a drive thru food distribution site at magic city casino residents must keep windows closed and pop the trunk in order to get the items Wall Street numbers are sharply lower Dow was off four hundred fifty two points to twenty thousand nine sixty nasdaq down one hundred thirty five the S. and P..

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