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So it is interesting here because the quarterbacks are almost neutralized against the team like the Patriots because you know, they don't really have outside threats for these guys to have to lock down. This is how the Patriots would always when they would go against Revis with New York. They just put some you know, you know hump out there and just let Revis chase them around they have no intention of throwing to them anyway, so but this is going to be a tough one to just run it down their throat. It's a really Stout defense. I think we need more from cam next week if the Patriots are going to are going. Mm. Yeah. I mean, I guess it depends on what kind of Defense of performance you get from New England right anything like the Superbowl did a couple of years ago, then you probably don't need to throw the ball whole lot more but and again golf might still be seeing those gifts. Okay, because that that was not a pleasant experience for him, right? Correct. And and this is I think we'll have be a very big kind of juice tub game for Jared Goff and Sean McVay and you kind of worry not to get too much into birth. As but if you're if you're a ram fan, I would worry about them being too Juiced up. You know, how do they get a little bit too much in their heads about the Revenge from the Superbowl and all that kind of stuff. But in terms of the passing game and do that anymore, they certainly need money than sixty nine yards out of their passing game and a little ways but I think that ultimately but I want to see him is to hit the throes when the throes are open, even if they only throw the ball eighteen thousand times a game when he's got an open receiver. He needs to be able to hit it and I think two more times not in the last couple of weeks we can have not be able to hit Jacoby my coming across the field or a ball a little bit late or a little bit off to a running back or the ball is a little bit late at the mirror bird on the Deep. All those are the sort of the opportunities and it's a very small sort of margin for error because he's only throwing the ball 18 times worse, you know, three or four misses out of 18 throw is that can be the difference between sixty nine yards and 160 and that's a big difference. You know, that's a substantial talking point. And I think that that's ultimately wage. Need to understand can they run the football this effectively against everyone or is are we going to get into a Houston situation where teams are just going to put nine guys in the box and they not in they're not able to run the football. I thought Josh McDaniels today kind of reacted to that nicely knowing okay. We're going to get eight or nine in the box. So if we're going to run the football then we gotta do something Ematic Lee to be able to take a back the numbers advantage or be able to.

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