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I think it's really important for our team we're, all looking forward to practicing against another defense with another scheme going against. Other talented players in their own right in their, own way both practices are free and open to. The public and we help from one thirty to three thirty meanwhile tight end Eric Hebron joined, the ride with GM v over. On the fan and says he's planning a resurgence in Indy people know what I'm capable of what I do have a bad taste in my mouth and the only. Way to get that taste out. Is, by grabbing it clean I'm Mark Daikin, for. WIBC sports now traffic on the fives of Matt bear All right Mike were Mark Duggan I appreciate around northwest side northbound four sixty five staff ago before eighty sixth street. On up to eight sixty five the westbound four sixty five time Meridian over to ditch road I'm looking at the south east side and, we ever. Do, play this giving northbound four sixty five Brookville road up to. Washington street and some slow traffic, Kevin inbound sixty five twenty three on the twenty first just got off the phone. With Westfield police department they said northbound thirty. One still closed at between state road thirty eight eight hundred thirty, six three they do not know when exactly they're going to be able. To reopen this but traffic is being diverted right, now round this crash site so it's going to. Be there for a little bit again this is a rolled semi blocking all lanes of northbound, US thirty one we've had some. Bad weather also kind of messed with things a little bit traffic lights not working on the south side get a lot of help on Twitter about this one per. Sheet that Bantu road at east Reto, case of.

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